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I have the craziest busy week this week at work with our school Art show and I was reminded by a friend to stop during the week and take a breath and just look around and see other things are continuing to happen. Even though I feel like I am literally run off my feet!

So, I decided I would record 10 things that I saw. They didn’t necessarily have to have a direct relationship to me or even have any meaning to me. Just record 10 things. Of course I could have written down 110 things, but like I said, I am busy this week, so 10 will do … for now. May have the makings for a series of blogs right here!

My 10 things are not particularly in any order. Just 10 things I reflected on seeing during the day.

ONE: I was at the traffic lights when I watched a guy run down the hill and around the corner. I wondered what he was running for? I looked over to see a bus at the bus stop. In my mind I was cheering for him. “Go, go! You will make it.”  Just then, the bus pulled out and drove off. “Oh NO!!” The guy stopped and hunched over exhausted and deflated at missing the bus. I hoped the next one wasn’t too far away. Lights turned green.

TWO: I saw a newly engaged couple sitting together at a friend’s place. They were comfortable and relaxed. Happy.

THREE: I saw a young boy walk away from his mother after getting out of the car in the school car park. He then stopped and waited for her and opened the door for her. Gentleman.

FOUR: I saw a terrible image of a whale that had been hit by a boats propeller. It made me very sad to think that someone would not know that had happened. Horrific.

FIVE: At a meeting I saw fellow staff members emotions as they were  reminded about the fragility of life as sad story was told. Compassion.

SIX: After work I saw a young guy release a deep breath of possible boredom as he scanned my items at the check out. Disgruntled with his job.

SEVEN: The senior students came back to school after competing at a multi-school athletics competition. I saw the smiles and elation of some great results and times. Hard work and efforts at training over the past few weeks have paid off for those students. Persistence pays.

EIGHT: At two separate times during the day I saw the same kids playing a ‘make believe’ game all about dinosaurs that jumped and kicked. They’d read all about it in a book!Knowledge and imagination rock!

NINE: After cooking dinner I watched my husband do the dishes. Even though this happens every night, I am still so grateful that he does it. After 20 + years of marriage our routine of ‘me cooking and him cleaning’ is still in place. It’s our family thing.

TEN: I saw two teenage boys kiss their mum goodnight. And I smiled.

If this is something you have never done, I urge you to give it a try. You will be surprised at all the things you have seen (even though you may not have photographed them).

Share your thoughts. How many things have you seen today?

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6 Responses to Blog: Ten Things I Saw Today

  1. Sandy says:

    Even though there are no photographs on this page I still “see” very vivid images in my mind for these stories you have shared. It is amazing that the written word can provide the details we need to see a story unfold.

  2. LindyB says:

    We all see so much in our daily lives, don’t we? Recording it and putting it on a page makes so much sense though I’d never thought to do this! I will be giving this a try soon!

  3. Anne says:

    Love this Kerrianne! Such a great idea.

  4. Deanna Emmert says:

    What a great idea! Thanks, Kerrianne! 🙂

  5. Anita Albritton says:

    You always have such creative ideas for noticing the world around you! Thanks for this wonderful inspiration, Kerrianne!!

  6. Carolyn says:

    What you see and what you choose to include gives clues about who you are. Thanks for sharing this.

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