Tameka's Blog Header Image 820x142This is a remarkable age. It’s the age of computers, apps, tweets, hashtags, emails, text messages, memos, etc.   I have fond memories of the day of the pen – there were cards, letters, and scrapbook pages, all written by hand.  I am most fond of the days of the good old fashioned letter.

In elementary school we had pen pals that we would write as a class activity. Sometimes the pen pals would be in another state or even overseas. As a matter of fact, sometimes the pen pal would be sitting right next to you passing notes in class.   I still have letters that I wrote to my husband while he sat at a table next to me. I would write a question and he would respond, and vice versa. This would go on for pages and pages.

What ever happened to the day of the letter? I rarely receive letters in the mail any more, and when I do, it is usually typewritten. Most communication I receive nowadays is in the form of an inbox, an email or a text message.  Imagine my delight when I received a handwritten letter two Sundays ago from my Co-Pastor at church.

Before I even read the letter, I noticed and felt a few things:

  • The envelope was addressed to Sister Tameka. I immediately felt warm and loved.
  • She cared enough to dedicate her precious time to me. (Sure, she wrote a letter to everyone in the church, but this letter was all mine and it spoke directly to me.)
  • It was handwritten. There are no others. Just this one special original letter. Anything else is just a copy.
  • Her handwriting made me feel she was happy to write the letter.

But then it happened… I read the letter and my entire spirit was lifted as I read and took notice of the curve of each letter knowing that I was touching the hand of the person who wrote it. This was not just a piece of paper printed from the computer. This letter took on a life of its own.

Handwritten ThumbnailThis got me to thinking about my scrapbook pages and how most of digital albums are typed. My hybrid albums tend to have a bit of handwriting in them, but not enough. I did a Video Tidbit a while back called Handwritten. It was all about getting your handwriting into your digital albums. Sure, it is not the same as a handwritten letter, but it is more personal than typed text. Check out the video and then add your own handwritten text to your albums.

But what I really want you to do is to pay it forward.   It was a wonderful feeling getting that handwritten letter when it was least expected. I would love for someone else to feel that way.   I plan on grabbing a sheet of paper and writing a heartfelt letter to someone who will not expect it.  Why don’t you join this movement with me?

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4 Responses to Blog: The Power of the Pen

  1. carolyn18 says:

    I loved this blog and totally agree! I recently started writing my niece traditional letters. When I was walking up my driveway going through the mail and saw I got a letter from her, I literally jumped up in the air and skipped a little too. I was so excited! She really did make me feel special! Thanks Elizabeth! 🙂

  2. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Last year I organized the letters that my dad received and sent during his military service in 1945-46 into albums. Most were handwritten, and I was struck by touching the letters and handwriting of my great-grandmother and grandfathers, whom I never knew. It’s so much easier to size our journaling using a text box, no handwriting mishaps and spell check, so I too, find that even on traditional pages, I tend not to handwrite. I need to work on that!

  3. Billie J says:

    I am touched by your love of the written word and agree a handwritten letter is rare and precious. My mom passed away a few months ago and I received a condolence letter from her doctor. It was not typed on his letterhead by a staff member with his signature, nor was it just a form letter. This was actually a personal hand written letter from him on note paper. Also, the envelop was addressed by him! And this is not an old guy who grew up before computers. I feel lucky that this special man took care of my mom….a blessing.

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