By now, most of you know that I have a bit of an obsession with photographing Beach Boxes. I’ve blogged before about how lucky I am to live where I do with the beach close by, and so many Beach Boxes dotted along the shores to keep me clicking away from all sorts of angles and perspectives. I just love the Beach Boxes, they are the perfect photographic subject! They don’t move, pout, refuse to have their photo taken. Plus, they make me happy! There’s something about them that just makes me smile, no matter the weather or conditions. I have collected so many photos over the years that I have decided that they deserve their own book! I am going to print them as 12×12 pages, and slip them into an album that I can keep adding to as I discover more Beach Boxes in my area. To start my project off I’m using our newly available Time Of My Life Blueprint Book from the Panstoria Store. It’s perfect to quickly drag and drop photos into, and use some of my newly aquired kits from the Panstoria Store as well. If the papers aren’t quite right for the page, I love how I can play with the Colour Ribbon to suit my page – I just love the Colour Curves Tool, plus all the other handy tools in the Colour Ribbon.

Here are the first few pages of my project – and I’m already loving how my obsession is developing into its very own project.


pixels2Pages: Time Of My Life Blueprint Book
Peppermint Creative: Rainbow Joy (papers colour treated with Curves Tool & SepiaTool)
Peppermint Creative: Planet Earth (alpha set)
Fonts: Caviar Dreams








pixels2Pages: Time Of My Life Blueprint Book
Katie Pertiet: Sealife Memories Kit (Colour & Temperature Tools
Cottage Arts: Stitchies 8 Element Pak
Fonts: Susie’s Hand, Caviar Dreams



pixels2Pages: Time Of My Life Blueprint Book

Cottage Arts: By The Sea Page Pak w Alpha



pixels2Pages: Time Of My Life Blueprint Book

Designs by Laura Burger: Catching a Moment Add On Kit
Font: Caviar Dreams

All kits including the Time Of My Life Blueprint Book are available from the Panstoria Store (this is an affiliate link – if you do not have an affiliate, you will earn us a small commission if you use this link)


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15 Responses to Blog: An obsession deserves its own project!

  1. Viv says:

    I also love taking photos of these. You need a trip to South Africa Janice!! I also love taking photos of doors on my travels!

  2. Lori Bickford says:

    I didn’t know what they were either -very cool!!! I wish we had those here!

  3. Deanna Emmert says:

    I always love your pages, Janice! Thanks so much for the explanation on the boxes!

  4. Jan says:

    Beautiful pages, Janice – what a fun, fun book that will be! Keep obsessing!

  5. I love your pages featuring the beach boxes! They are always so fun and colorful! I would be taking photos of them all the time!

  6. Just exactly what is a beach box, Janice? I

    • Janice says:

      Barbara – they are like little sheds (known as Beach Boxes) that are privately owned and are located on the beach. They are usually colourfully painted and sometimes with painted artwork as well, and are used to store beach equipment in. Some people have decked them out to be like an outdoor room when the doors are opened up, and can bring out picnic tables and chairs. Others store kayaks, windsurfers, and all sorts of beach gear. They can sell for up to 6 figures sometimes depending on their location. As far as I know, no more are being built along the bay area, and they are a huge feature of Melbourne and Port Philip Bay, starting from Brighton, all the way down to the heads at Port Philip Bay.

  7. Laureen says:

    Great all in one place resources.

  8. Tameka says:

    Great project. Great pages!

  9. Anita Albritton says:

    I’m so glad you blogged about this new project, Janice!! Your photos and pages above are so bright and cheery!! I just love them!! 🙂

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