Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, rabbit, y’all!  Have a wonderful and prosperous month!  It’s hard to believe we’re in the fourth quarter of another year already!!

Just a few housekeeping items before we get started this month:

Pages Magazine

  • Did you love our brand new Pages magazine?  If you somehow missed its debut, click HERE to read it.  Thank you for sharing the digi love – almost 6000 people have read Pages, and they’re from all over the world!  In addition to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, readers from Chile, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, India, Indonesia, Philipines, and Taiwan have read Pages!  Who can you share with that will add another country to our map?
  • If you liked Pages, you’ll love seeing some of our albums in a similar format.  Click HERE to view them, and HERE is a short video that tells you how to get the most from Issuu.com and how to use our interactive publications.
  • Have you added yourself to our email list?  We will be sending monthly emails, occasional special announcements or promotions, and notices of new issues of Pages.  If you do not add yourself to this list, you will only receive one mailing from us.  Click HERE to subscribe to our email list, and rest assured that your name or contact information will not be shared, sold, or given away to anyone.

Panstoria and Panstoria Store News

  • New content will be available in the Panstoria store today.  Click HERE to see what’s new!  Let’s give a big p2P welcome to designer Lorie Starcher, who is new to the Panstoria store.  Read all about her and other Panstoria designers HERE.
  • In keeping with our Travel theme in Pages, there is a HUGE new Blueprint Book available for you in the Panstoria Store.  With three cover, 45 pages, and tons of special touches for travel albums, you will love the Time of My Life Blueprint Book, created by Tameka.  She’s even included an idea booklet for you.  Check it out HERE.
  • In case you somehow missed this news, Panstoria was acquired by FOREVER.com a couple of weeks ago.  We view this as a good thing, with plenty of opportunity for growth!  What it means for you is that you still have Panstoria’s awesome software, great designers, and fantastic print shop at your service.  In addition, we invite you to check out FOREVER’s services if you are interested in safeguarding your most precious photos and pages.  Oh, and of course you still have pixels2Pages!  Read more about it HERE.

p2P News

  • You’ve probably noticed some changes to our website, which is a work in progress.  Let us hear what you like and what you don’t like!  Email us at info@pixels2Pages.net or comment below this post.  Oh, and if you haven’t clicked the Resources link yet, please do – you’ll be surprised how much is there!
  • Have you watched the Calendar Workshop series yet?  If not, you are in for a treat – seven videos, six calendar Blueprints, and three handouts are waiting for you, just in time for calendar-making time.  And a bonus for p2P members – a 15% off coupon for calendars printed at the Panstoria Print Shop through 28 October 2014.  Get busy!! The Calendar Workshop will be available to non-p2P members for $19.95 starting this week!

And now, with no further ado, here are all of the items that were posted on the pixels2Pages website in September.  Please take a moment to make sure you had a chance to see them all!

NOTE: Most HEADINGS are links to the category where you will find the listed posts.


  • 222: Floating Photos by Kerrianne
  • 223: Left and Right by Janice
  • 224: Top Three by Justine
  • 225: Freestyle Shapes by Kim
  • 226: Geometric Borders by Penny


  • Artisan:  Creating a Personal Art Kit by Shelley
  • Historian: Emailng Images by Shelley
  • Artisan: Keyboard Shortcuts in Artisan by Shelley
  • Journaling: Journaling the Now by Anne
  • Tech: Pinterest and p2P by Shelley

Blueprints (for October)

  • DPS (Double Page Spread): Blocks by Mary
  • DPS: Meerkat Mischief by Kerrianne
  • D2D (Seven Photo Openings) DPS: Spice Market by Shelley
  • Special: Big 13 by Tameka
  • Special: Best Day by Mary
  • Single Page: The Grassy Knoll by Justine
  • BONUS: 6 Calendar Blueprints!! by Kim and Tameka


  • S2F (Start2Finish): On the Lake by Kerrianne (using custom shapes)
  • WS (Workshop): Calendar Workshop, Module 1 by Kim (using event lists)
  • WS: Calendar Workshop, Module 2 by Tameka (calendar technicalities)
  • WS: Calendar Workshop, Module 3 by Tameka (using Blueprints in calendars)
  • WS: Calendar Workshop, Module 4 by Kim and Tameka (embellishing calendars)

Pixie Dust: The October Big Collection and Daily Files, 4th quarter

  • Frames Squared by Janice
  • A Stitch in Time by Justine
  • Day2Day Themes 4: Weeks 40 – 52

Behind the Globe Blogs

  • Rabbit, Rabbit (and Happy Labor Day) by Jan
  • Shelley’s Scribbles: Being in the Moment
  • Happy Talk with Jan: Social Media, Blogs, and Photo Books
  • Pooh’s Putterings with Anne: Donuts and Turtles
  • Adventures of a Bond Girl with Tameka: The Power of the Pen
  • The Buzzzzzz with Mary: Try Something Different
  • Justine’s Blog: Pollywogs and Shellbacks
  • Penny’s Blog: Learn Something New Every Day
  • Kim’s Blog: The Climb
  • Words & Pictures by Alison: The End of One Chapter
  • A Little Birdie Told Me with Kerrianne: The ‘Bower Bird’
  • Janice Gee’s Journal: An Obsession Deserves Its Own Project


  • We had a fantastic time at p2P LIVE Morgan Hill, CA.  Host Kim Mannino and sidekick Jan McCallum were joined by guest designer Janet Carr, and we had so much fun meeting people we’ve gotten to know on Facebook!

NEWS posts

  • Calendar Workshop Begins Today
  • Changes in Membership
  • Announcing Pages Magazine and More

Other Posts/Extras

HERE is an affiliate link that takes you straight to new digital content in the Panstoria store.


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  • Subway Art Calendars are available in the Panstoria Store!  Click HERE to use our affiliate link to purchase them.

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October Calendar

October 2014 Calendar

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  1. Maria Wilder says:

    DITTO to what Debbie wrote!!! Thank you Jan for one place to go and be in the know!
    Rabbit Rabbit is my favorite and it keeps me Happy 😉 Hugs of appreciation to you And all the pixies

  2. Leslie says:

    Hi! I clicked on the link for the daily files bonus PD under Extras and I received a 404 message; can you help me? Thank you!!! Lovve you all!!!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the calendars!!! Thanks so much for these. As much I would love to, I can’t always get to the site every day, so the calendars really help me know what I have missed and what I need to catch up on! Thanks millions!

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