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My four children are all so different, in looks and in personalities!  While growing up, my baby, Becca, has regularly asked, “Where did I get my eyes?”  That’s been her biggest concern, as her dad and I have blue eyes and hers are hazel.  One eye even has a large brown area on it!  I personally think they’re stunning and beautiful, but it always seems to have bothered her a bit.  Over the past few years, while working on family projects in my Artisan software, I have been going through some heritage photos. I have a heritage digital book done on one side of the family, but need to pull the other side together.

Recently, while digging through my heritage images, I realized we may never know if her eyes came from these great-grandparents, because all I could find were black and white or sepia photos.  Then I happened upon a few color images of my grandmother from the late 50’s. There they were, clear as day – hazel eyes staring right back at me!  As I looked closer, I realized she had her great-grandmother’s nose and eyebrows, too! So now I’m working on a page that has a close up of her great-grandmother.  I chose not to include the color photo here, as there’s some personal info on it, but I ‘m making her a copy.

While working on this page I scoured lots of the new digital content on the Panstoria store and there is so much that is perfect for heritage pages!  I also decided to use an Alpha Set instead of a font, because the Alpha Set already has texture and design on it without me having to add it. I find myself using the Alpha Sets more and more and even combining them with fonts.  The color of this Alpha Set ended matching the other elements on my page too without any effort! There are loads of beautiful Alpha Sets available.  I just may be as addicted to the Alpha Sets as I am to fonts. Be sure and check out the Alpha Sets images on our Pinterest board. Can never have too many, can we?! I’d would very much like to see how y’all are using Alpha Sets so please share your pages on our Facebook site.  Have a terrific month and enjoy celebrating your lives and memories no matter when they took place.




My Family Genealogy Records Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals, My Family Genealogy Definitions no 1, Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals, Alphaset: Berks Lane Kit – Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals

Design uses Haigh Blueprint designed by pixels2Pages.

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10 Responses to Blog: Where’d I Get Them?

  1. mindys7 says:

    Oh my gosh, deja vous! Same thing with my youngest…doesn’t look anything like my husband or I. I have blue eyes with blond hair and Brad has green eyes and red hair. My baby had brown hair and brown eyes. If I didn’t know different I would think she had been switched! I ran across one of 2 pix we have of my husband’s father and bingo! It is one of those pix taken way back when and then tinted. Brown eyes and brown hair! She looks just like her grandfather! What is so special is that his dad was killed in a car accident when my husband was a young boy so now our daughter carrys on some of his legacy.

    • Mary says:

      Mindy, what a wonderful story. I think I’m actually going to make a page of their photos side by side and journal about it. Our family’s are amazing aren’t they?!

  2. Cindy Rold says:

    I love the background of this page.

  3. Karen says:

    Mary your page is just beautiful. I’m not sure why, but I believe that heritage pages always look better in sepia rather than black and white. I belong to and have researched extensively my family history. I am always so happy when I come across a new family connection that can add to my research. In recent weeks I have been able to exchange pictures with several family members in the UK and on the east coast of Canada.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Karen. How much fun to find new “old” pictures! I have my dads side back to late 1800’s and my mom’s side in one line back to 1600’s with the help of another relative. My husbands mom did genealogy for about 60 years before she was unable to do so anymore and has her lines going back pretty far.

  4. pamela smith says:

    beautiful. makes me want to start on my heritage projects!!

  5. Alison says:

    Absolutely stunning heritage page Mary! I’m so glad you’re working on preserving your family history – and what a bonus to discover this detail for Becca. It’s such a wonderful thing for us to know where we come from.

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