CalendarWorkshopBannerThis self-paced workshop contains 7 Videos. These videos cover the basics and more advanced techniques that give you the skill you need to fully customize any calendar type in any size. The supporting handouts complement the videos. The videos and handouts combined provide an in-depth view of the powerful Calendar feature provided in Artisan Software by Panstoria. This workshop also includes bonus Blueprints (Decorative Templates) that were designed for 12×18 and 8×12 Calendars. (See product catalog below for more details.)

Workshop Cost: $20.00

Pay once and have unlimited access to this workshop.

  • 7 Videos
  • 4 Handouts
  • 6 Blueprints

Note: This workshop is included in the pixels2Pages Membership at no cost to members. Back2BasicsMembers do not have access to this workshop in their membership.

Once you have purchased the calendar workshops, click here to access the page directly (or type “calendar” into the search box at the top right of any page of this website).

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11 Responses to Workshop: Calendars (Non-Members)

  1. Caroleen Gilley says:

    I purchased the calendar workshop and I cant find it I did the search like it said and this came up 404 this page does not exist. Can you help me. Thank you in advance.

    • Shelley says:

      I’m not sure why your search didn’t work. Click HERE for the direct link to that workshop.

      • Caroleen Gilley says:

        I am still getting that 404 this page does not exist.

        • Shelley says:

          I have sent you an email. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.

          • Caroleen Gilley says:

            this is a non member calendar workshop, WHY WHY am i have so much trouble, the same thing 404 this page does not exit. It wouldn’t let me log in i had to chg my past word. I have done everything. im not a pixels2page member and this a non member workshop and i have paid the $20.00.

          • Shelley says:

            Did you get my email Caroleen? I have manually completed your registration, so you should have access to the calendar workshops now.

          • Caroleen Gilley says:

            I’m reply to this one the July 10 did not have a reply button. Thank you for all you help, I was able to get to the calendar workshop, again thank you. i download the calendar and unzip the file but cant view them they still have the A symbol on them.I bought a big kit while back and cant get it to import .I cant view my kit either. i have stop buying kit because of this.I have so much trouble with Artisan 5. I wish somebody live close to me so i can work with them.Is there someone that can help me or is there a video? Is their someone that live close to Simsboro, Louisiana.I sorry to be such bother. I did get your email but here is my email. Again Thank You

          • Shelley says:

            Make sure you have installed the latest version of Artisan. Even if you have the latest version, perhaps download it again and reinstall it – that should fix your problem with viewing your Blueprints. I note you are a member of Back2Basics. Have you been systematically through all the Artisan 5 training there? I don’t know if there is anyone very close to you but I will look into that. Meanwhile the folks at are very helpful. They can get you online and look at your computer to try and work out what your problems are.

  2. I purchased the workshop on calendars and have no clue as to how to get to the point of watching. I thought it said to do a search for calendars but that does me no good. Please help!

  3. Martha Lundgren says:

    Just in time for calendar making season – thanks, Pixies!

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