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For weeks prior to Riley starting Primary School I was anxious and tense and even teary. On that first day, I held up great …  until I walked home after dropping him off sobbing into my sunglasses and hoping I didn’t see anyone I knew and had to stop to explain. Most of it was because I am so very soppy and some of it was because I didn’t really think I was ready to hand him over to anyone else to look after him!

Today Riley finished Year 12. The end of High School. Yes, there were tears! OMG, I am sooooooooooo soppy. I am sure the emotions of that first day came flooding back and the realisation of the final day were setting in. But also, he had survived the ‘hand over’ from that very first day and made it out the other end a very different person … and for that I am thankful.

His shoes always looked so big. It became a bit of a family thing. The big shoes he would fill and grow into one day. Well, that day was today. He has filled those shoes with 12 years of learning, 12 years of growing, 12 years of becoming independent, 12 years of knowledge to lead him into the big wide world. And the learning wont stop here, it’s only the start. His road ahead will be full of twists and turns with plenty of opportunity for new and exciting challenges, skills and growth.

I am proud of the boy in the big shoes and even prouder of the young man that has filled those shoes today. All the best for your final exams Riley and becoming the best person you can be.

Love mum xx

Big shoes to fill

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4 Responses to Blog: Big shoes to fill

  1. lbisset says:

    The sign of a true scrapper…get the “same” shirt and pants for a terrific page and color matching and theme carrying! Love it! I felt your tears…wait until he gets married…then you will be sobbing again!

  2. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Congratulations to Riley! I’m with you – cried when my son entered the door of the kindergarten classroom, I couldn’t turn and walk away quickly enough. Cried when he graduated from high school and soon he’ll be walking down the aisle with his bride! Wasn’t it just yesterday?

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