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Last month, Rex and I had the privilege of spending eight days in Italy on a cook’s tour of the Piemonte region of the country, in the northwest portion – the foothills of the Alps.  Kim Etzel and her husband Theo had invited us to do this tour with them, along with a travel agent/tour guide they had used several times previously.  Sadly, our guide was unable to come due to a medical emergency, so we were on our own!  Thankfully, David (the guide) had made sure everyone knew we were making our own way, so the path was smooth ahead of us!

Have you ever started a trip or a project with the best-laid plans and then have the plans fall apart or get disrupted?  As I was writing this blog (which was going to be more about the details of our trip!) I thought about how many times things don’t go “according to plan”.  What is your default behavior when that happens?  Panic? Excitement? Despair? On to plan B? Depends on the situation?  When Kim called me a week or so before the trip to tell me that David would not be able to go, her first words were, “Now, don’t panic, the trip is still on, but……” even though I’m pretty sure she knew I wouldn’t be panicking!  I think she didn’t want me to worry that we wouldn’t go just because our guide couldn’t go!

We all know that life happens sometimes, and things RARELY go exactly as planned.  But does that stop us from planning?  Heck no!  In fact, I think it is knowing that we have a plan and that we can make a new one that keeps us moving forward.  My p2P teammates know that I am more of a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ person than a structured, detailed, get it all down on paper (which I would just lose) before I start kind of girl.  I am one of those people who likes (strike that – THRIVES) on change.  I generally like it when something happens that makes me readjust, especially if it involves travel.  It’s like getting a new surprise and seeing things you didn’t expect.  Work is a different matter – I hate to do work ahead of time and then find out the rules have changed, which is probably why I am such a terrible procrastinator!  At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

My sister and I are on our annual Sassy Sister road trip now, and while we have had a ‘general’ plan in mind for almost a year, it somehow never got much more specific than that.  Our journey this year will take us to “Old Florida”, but even today, already in Florida, we don’t know where we will be tonight or what we will see today.  Or even what route we will take to get there!  We have our maps and our books and our GPS and our websites and our Pinterest board and our apps, and we’re just going to take it a day at a time.  We plan to make time for friends along the way, see some sights we haven’t seen, relax on some beaches, eat some good food, and of course, take some pictures.  It’s really kind of refreshing to travel with no agenda other than that!

I encourage you to look at how you typically do things – are you a detailed planner or a go on a whim kind of person?  Mix it up a little every now and then, and try the opposite.  I know my fellow pixies are longing for the day I might get a video done well in advance – maybe I will surprise them someday.  (No breath holding, y’all!!).  I hope you don’t let disrupted plans derail you completely.  Who knows what you might miss…

Kim and I would love it if you follow our trip.  I’m using Instagram this time, in addition to our Go Sassy Sisters Facebook group, so if you’re into IG, check out #sassysistersoldflorida, #gosassysisters, #sassysisterssightsbitestaillights #sassysistersontheroad.  See you in cyberspace – off to explore Old Florida!

PS Our Italy trip was FANTASTIC!!  We even got to do a few totally UNPLANNED things that made it all the more fun.  Here are a couple of pages from the start of that trip:

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4 Responses to Blog: Best Laid Plans

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m just now reading this AFTER your trip. I think you packed more into the Florida trip than I’ve ever seen you do before, which confirms two things: your plan in advance and then be flexible style is perfect for you (and is sometimes the mark of a great leader- it’s what Nehemiah of the Bible did) and second that you still have aome idea that you want to be a different way. :Stop it! :-). Your videos are never on time but they’re always good. Could they be marginally better with more advance work? Yes. But would the marginal benefit outweigh the cost to your free spirit? No, probably not! And, please. Give up the idea that you will ever do a Day2Day book for a year. I read that in your comment on Alison’s blog. Your travel blogs and photos are becoming almost day-to-day anyway. :-). One more thing confirmed: it’s a lot easier to love your free spirit when someone else is sweating the project list and when we now have years of experience watching you come through in the nick of time. Having you in our lives means there’s always a risk of disruption of routine, but that’s one of the best things about you!). :-). We love you bunches for exactly who you are…plans or no plans. AND you make us appreciate the planners and structured people all the more. 🙂

  2. Flying by the seat of your pants is just so much more fun than not. Planning has its place, but for us adventurous ones, especially when traveling, I’m right there with you Jan! It’s like one great big scavenger hunt to the next destination! Have a ball on your sister’s trip – AGAIN!

  3. Tameka says:

    LOL… Fly by your seat indeed.

  4. Linda DeLaughter says:

    You and your sister are so cute! And yes, it’s always better to just “go with the flow” and keep your plans “loose”. That way, if there is a bump in the road, the disappointment is minimal and alternative plans can be made to “save the day”.

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