Tameka's Blog Header Image 820x142Boy o’ boy, do I love what I do! Being a part of the pixels2Pages team for the past four and one half years I, along with at least a dozen other women, have been able to pour my heart and soul into this thing, this movement, this digi-home called pixels2Pages.

Pixels2Pages has changed so much over the years. Behind all of the changes was a lot of hard work. Hours of production – monthly; hours of meetings – weekly; and hours of design – daily. I thank you all for recognizing and rewarding us with your gratitude and patronage for all of our hard work. It makes it all worth while.

While we are busy creating videos, Blueprints, Pixie Dust, Challenges, marketing materials, crop itineraries, handouts, tips, product for the Panstoria Store and tons of sample pages for each and every item, we may not have as much time to work on our own projects. Working on our own scrapbook pages and projects sometimes takes a backseat to the workload. Sure, we incorporate our personal pages into everything we do. That may be the only way we get things done. It is just that for me, I am unable to work in the order I would normally work. I generally like to start a project and complete it, but in order to keep the offering a little exciting and new, I have to work on several different projects at once. Thus, it takes much longer for me to actually complete a project.

You may have noticed that recently we had a crop at pixels2Pages. It was the Easy as 1…2…3 Crop. I was so excited about this crop because for the first time in a long time, I would be around the entire weekend AND I would be able to work on my own project. Sure, I would have to take some time to moderate the pixels2Pages Facebook page while enjoying all of the fabulous pages you guys were creating, but this time I would be cropping alongside you all for the entire time. My goal was to complete my Mackinac Island 2014 book. No… I didn’t reach my goal, but I put a huge dent in it. I was using the Time of My Life Blueprint Book that I designed specifically with this trip in mind. I also used the “Easy as” Blueprints. Blueprints really do make it easy to get it done, fast and with flair. I am in love with the pages I have created. Here are just a few of the layouts I have already prepared (and shared on Facebook). I still have to go through my book, proofing and editing. That’s ok. I have time to do that. For now I can just have fun creating. I am thankful for the crop for giving me that jump start that I needed. I plan to have this project done and ordered long before our next crop.

I invite you to crop with us in January 2015. As a matter of fact. We have crops every week. Monday’s Crop is a challenge, Tuesday’s Crop is a Tip, Thursday’s Crop is a Video. Inbetween all of that, we crop using featured Blueprints and Pixie Dust. How cool is that?



Blog-A Little Me Time (4)

Time of My Life Blueprint Book by pixels2Pages
Cover of  my Mackinac Island 2014
Content: DelMar Shores Scrapbook Kit by Katie Pertiet (found in the Panstoria Store under Designer Digitals)
Fonts: Kunstler Script and Copperplate Gothic

Blog-A Little Me Time (3)

Time of My Life Blueprint Book by pixels2Pages (Itinerary Page)
DelMar Shores Scrapbook Kit and Artistry de Azul Kit by Katie Pertiet (Found in the Panstoria Store under Designer Digitals)

Fonts: Calibri, Copperplate Gothic Light and Kunstler Script

Blog-A Little Me Time (2)

#p2PEasyAsTwoBP (Both sides are the Easy As Two Blueprint, left page mirrored and altered to be one photo)
August Evenings Bundled Collection by Jumpstart Designs
Fonts: Century Gothic and Copperplate Gothic Bold

Blog-A Little Me Time (1)
Time of Your Life Blueprint Book by pixels2Pages
Cooked Kit, Cooked Digital Stamps and Cooked Add on Papers by Katie Pertiet available in the Panstoria Store under Designer Digitals.
Fonts: Copperplate Gothic, Century Gothic and Kunstler Script.

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10 Responses to Blog: A Little Me Time

  1. Bridget says:

    Your Mackinac Island book is going to be amazing!! Like Linda, Mackinac Island is on my bucket list and I am going to make it one day. I actually tried to map how I would get there from Texas…and it’s not an easy task but I will keep on dreaming and it WILL happen. Thanks for ALL you and the pixies do…SO glad you were able to enjoy this crop and actually get some projects done. Your goals make me want to finish all my unfinished projects that I keep starting. Those also WILL happen. LOL!!

  2. Asmaan says:

    Thank you Tameka for creating the most amazing Blueprint Book ever! I LOVE IT! Thankyou for helping me finish my China trip album so quickly. All your (p2P) Bps over the years are extraordinary Bps! The crop was very well conducted and I had an amazing time! Now the selfish side of me is requesting a few Bps with artwork for film strips already on them?! I bought a few discounted templates with film strips but apologize(for the artist) saying that I don’t really like them after taking out all the flowery embellishments from them. There is no character left in them. I have been spoilt by using the best templates (blueprints) in the globe that no others match anymore!!!

    • Tameka says:

      Awww Thanks bunches. We do have the Captured on Film Blueprint (released November 2012)that features a film strip. Please check your content to see if you have it. We also have some Pixie Dust featuring Film Strips, However, we will take your request into consideration.

      • Asmaan says:

        Thanks Tameka!..I checked, I do have the JF_Captured on Film BP! I will think my next page around it!…also, here’s the incentive…I will now start my tagging with Pixie dust!!….yaay!

  3. Karen Jones says:

    What an inspiring book! I’m so glad you had time to work on it and share it with us.

  4. Tameka, fantastic itinerary page! Love your idea! This brings back so many wonderful memories of our 2013 p2P trip to Mackinac! And, by the way, have I ever told you how much I appreciate all the time and effort and love you put into working so hard for us? THANK YOU!

  5. Sue says:

    Thank-you, just finished a trip and this has inspired me with ideas on how to complete the project!! 😀
    Love it

  6. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Beautiful pages and I LOVE your cover!!

  7. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Meka! Mackinac Island is still on my bucket list, and I hope to get there soon!

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