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I like Fall, I really do – but I LOVE summer. So every year about this time when the days start getting shorter and the temperature begins to drop, I try not to say out loud – “I hate cold weather!” It’s gotten to be a contest – my family has been known to take bets on who’ll catch the first time that I say it. Shh- don’t tell them but I’ve muttered it to myself a few times already. It’s probably my Florida blood.

So to keep from complaining about the end of summer, the shorter days, and the cold weather, I decided to follow Maria’s example and make a list of my favorite things about Fall.

  1. The colors of the trees. Our silver maple is a bright crimson.
  2. The wild ageratum is blooming a beautiful soft blue.
  3. Mountain apples are crisp and juicy and abundant in the stores and produce stands.
  4. The pecans are plentiful this year! Time to pick up pecans at the horse farm.
  5. The first oranges are being picked in Florida.
  6. The semi-annual Big Flea Market always has something tempting.
  7. The Southern Christmas Show: plenty of interesting crafts and those mini donuts!
  8. I passed my annual mammogram with flying colors. Always a blessing.
  9. Three of our grandchildren’s birthdays to enjoy!
  10. Soccer games watching grandchildren get better each weekend as the days get cooler.
  11. Warm fires in the fireplace most every night while we watch TV and I work on the computer.
  12. Taking the back roads down to the country store that has a big pecan cracking machine.
  13. Planning the family Thanksgiving celebration here. Now where is that tepee?
  14. Decorating the house with pine cones, Indian corn, burlap and gourds.
  15. Daylight at 6 am – Daylight Savings Time is so wonderful for early morning risers!
  16. Getting back to a knitting project.
  17. Making lists for Christmas giving.
  18. Having lunch with friends.
  19. Seeing the children dressed up for Halloween!
  20. Visiting the grandkids in their classrooms and hearing about school projects.
  21. Magazines filled with fabulous decorations and projects to make for Christmas.
  22. Knowing that the aromas of apples and pumpkin bread will soon spice up the house.

Today we spent the afternoon out at a cousin’s farm picking up pecans. It rained a couple of days ago and between the rain and the wind, quite a few pecans had popped their covers and had fallen on the ground. So armed with 2 trusty pecan ‘picker-uppers’ and bags for the treasure, we headed out. What a pretty day! We managed to pick up quite a few– mostly just bending over and picking up – not using those tools. I keep those picker-upper tools in the back of the car just in case I come across a pecan tree standing all by its lonesome. That meaning I won’t get shot or put upon by dogs if I stop and pick up a few!

Yes, it’s an addiction. I have a couple of bags of picked pecans from last year still in the freezer but not enough to make Nuts and Bolts for Christmas giving. And not enough for making my Dad’s Christmas bread which is so perfect for a cold winter afternoon in front of the fire.

That’s my list – and I’m sticking to it!

Happy memory making in a jacket!


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Blueprint: Recipes for Life BP Book

Katie Pertiet’s: Cooked Kit, Cooked Add-on Paper, Cooked Digital Stamps

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Katie Pertiet’s: Cooked Kit, Cooked Add-on Paper

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4 Responses to Blog: It’s getting to be that time…

  1. sistersunshine says:

    I’m sad Anne, You loaded your beautiful layouts and I can’t read the recipes Wahhhhhh! They sound so delish… I need you to share the individual cards LOL *U* Kathleen

  2. Penny says:

    Anne, thanks for the reminder of all the things to appreciate about this season. And just look at those yummy recipes – can’t wait to try them out. I’m jealous about your pecans. It is very special that you have that opportunity.

    • Anne says:

      Penny, I would bet that there are plenty of pecans in your neck of the woods too. Check out the local farmer’s market or ask at a “feed and seed” store. Lots of people bring in their extra pecans to sell at these places. Definitely cheaper than the grocery store. Or just keep an eye out in empty lots for these magnificent old trees. We’ve planted one in our front yard but it’s going to be a few years before it starts bearing fruit.

  3. adakallen adakallen says:

    WOW! What fun!

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