The pixels2Pages team is very excited to announce the launch of The Project Studio on January 1st 2015, with our first Interactive Workshop … Home Is Where The Heart Is.

So, what is the Project Studio? It’s a new concept we’d like to introduce to you where there will be more interaction between you and the p2P team member running the workshop / event.

You may have seen and completed one of our Workshops and for the most part, it is a self-paced exercise. You watch a video, look at ideas and download handouts and blueprints and do the project during your own time at your own pace.

Workshops and other events held in “The Project Studio” will be more like a classroom where you have more guidance. For the first workshop we are inviting participants to join a private Facebook group to share photos, stories, ideas and of course, completed pages. This is an exclusive invitation and only those registered will have the opportunity to join the group. The instructors will be ‘on duty’ from the commencement of the workshop on January 1st until February 15th.

Home Is Where The Heart Is Title



Registration Opens December 1st, 2014



For all Workshop information and pricing view our Product Catalog.









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67 Responses to News: Introducing The Project Studio

  1. Shirley Bennett says:

    Ha – it is 1 December in the antipodes and have just worked out why the link does not work!!! Mid summer may not be the greatest time of the year – however i am joining in! At least the FB page will be active when I scrap at night!!!

  2. debbieloop says:

    This sounds like fun….I hope there will be a reminder because I will forget by then!!!! 🙂

  3. yami444 says:

    I don’t know where to post or ask this question, but hopefully someone will know the answer to my question 🙂 Will there be a day2day challenge for 2015. I sure am hoping there will be and have high hopes for completing a day2day book. Thanks 🙂

    • Alison says:

      Yes, there certainly will! We love our Day2Day project, and will be continuing to post weekly themes for 2015. Look out for a news post about Day2Day in the next couple of days.

  4. Chantal says:

    This is great for the winter days that are starting up in Quebec – I will need to create a facebook account before ?….never saw the need up to now but this is a good reason.

    • Kerrianne says:

      You can have a very private FB account and just be in this group if you want. You may want to explore some of the options of FB first so you are signed up and ready to go for the project. FB is the best place to share a community forum like this and there will be plenty of support and sharing of ideas for the project. Hope to see you on board 🙂

  5. Donna says:

    Count me in, I think this concept is fabulous. I usually do my pages on an individual basis with the help of the training techniques that P2p provides but there are times that I would have liked someone to chat with about an idea or video. This workshop seems like it will provide that interaction with others as well as motivation to complete the task. Eagerly waiting for January 1st to get here!

  6. Janice Phillips says:

    Sounds like so much fun! I plan to be there!

  7. Jo says:

    I have always been envious of the p2P LIVE events, so can’t wait to join in on this. Sounds like lots of fun.

  8. Janet Carr says:

    Hi There Everyone!! Just want to pop in and say that I am just THRILLED beyond measure to read all of your comments and to feel everyone’s excitement about this workshop!! Kerrianne and I are SUPER excited too and have been busy little elves these last few months working together on this workshop!!! We can’t WAIT to get started with all of you!!

  9. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    Yeah, sounds like fun and can’t wait to start!! You can count on me!!

  10. Shirle says:

    Looks like a super idea. Will the blueprint book that you are referring to be an entirely new book?

  11. Do you have to register for the workshop first in order to purchase the bundle referred? I just checked and I did not see it yet. I can’t wait!

  12. I can’t wait for December 1st!!! I will be signing up!

  13. Linda Ammons says:

    Love this idea, like I love everything about P2P….I’m in…I always accomplish more in a group anyway, like the “Live” events and such…it forces me to concentrate, helps me with my ideas and then I don’t sit there and nitpick my pages to death and keep doing them over and over again. 🙂

  14. Sandy Norman says:

    Is it December 1st yet??? Count me in on this!! This looks like a fun project. I’m thinking it would be a fun one to do for my daughters with the things they “left behind” when they moved out.

  15. Sarah Rold says:

    Do you need to be on it daily during that time? I will be on vacation for some of it and am not sure how much internet access I’ll have or be using.

    • Kerrianne says:

      Sarah, you only need be on as much as you are able to! It will not go away, and what ever you miss during your holidays will still be there for you to see and catch up on when you can. The Facebook group is Private, but will remain open to participants of the workshop.

    • Janet Carr says:

      Sarah, I ditto Kerrianne!! This class is self-pace and will be here waiting for you when you return from vacation!! Hope to see you in the workshop!!!

  16. Bridget says:

    I am all in for this new project…sounds like fun. Can’t wait to register Dec. 1

  17. sistersunshine says:

    I’m thinking this just MIGHT be perfect timing… after about 20 years I’m going to be redoing my home from top to bottom… wallpapering, repainting, cleaning out all the nooks and crannies… sounds like this will be the perfect project to record all those ‘treasures’ I’m sure to uncover… as well as document the ‘perfect’ décor, that is now seriously outdated. (The stories will be a hoot.) *U* Kathleen

  18. Karen Jones says:

    Sounds exciting, count me in

  19. moemc says:

    Sounds exciting, can’t wait.

  20. June says:

    I loved the “Me Exposed” project that Janet had us work on earlier this year. She asks wonderful questions! Kerrianne and Janet will be a fantastic team. It will give us new project to work on during the cold days of January! Love it! I won’t mind winter so much, now! 🙂 Thank you!!

  21. Billie J says:

    The pixies continue to amaze me with their creativity. What a great idea! I will be on vacation in January until the 14th. Can I start this then? I should have enough time to complete it before Feb 15th…right?

    • Kerrianne says:

      You can start the project at anytime. It might be a good idea to register when it opens on December 1st and then on January 1st have a look at the workshop (if you have internet access) and then start after you holidays. You do not have to complete the project by Feb 15th, you can finish at any time. The Feb 15th end date is just when Janet and I will wind down our daily monitoring of the Facebook group. We will still be there, but after that date participants will be free to continue interacting and sharing. In fact, that’s when we would expect to be seeing pages being finished and book starting to be ordered. Hope to see you join in this workshop!!

    • Janet Carr says:

      Billie, Ditto… ditto Kerrianne!!! Hope to see you in the classroom… we are going to have a ton of fun!!!

  22. Lori Morris says:

    This project sounds so exciting. Can’t wait for January to get started.

  23. Asmaan says:

    yay! count me in! 🙂 eagerly waiting!

  24. reesesable reesesable says:

    Is this mostly for people doing a photo a day book? Working with current pictures you take using the 39 prompts. Would workshop help me with catching up my existing photos? I’m three years behind need to catch up my backlog. Would this be a diversion from my goal of catching up? Like the idea of more hands on attention and motivation.

    • Kerrianne says:

      This project is not aimed at people doing photo a day books at all. It is a new concept and a completely different project. However, people doing the D2D project could certainly use the prompts and join in the workshop.
      There are 39 prompts, 3 videos, handouts and the instructors will help people step through the creation of an entire book.
      You may find that some of your existing photos will fit the prompts and you could in fact make a book using those photos to catch up.
      The Blueprint book that will be released at the same time as the workshop may be something you can use to get lots of photos onto quickly.
      It may be a diversion for you, but only briefly (4-6 weeks) and once you get some good hands on tips and guidance, you will be set to tackle your backlog.
      I hope this helps!

    • Janet Carr says:

      So HAPPY to read that you will be joining us!! I know you are going to LOVE what Kerrianne and I have in store for you!!!

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