KH Blog HeaderJust when I didn’t really need another thing to collect, spoons caught my eye and I caught the spoon collecting bug!

It was only at the beginning of this year though, so I have not been on the search for very long!

It started out as a fun thing to send small spoons as a token of a ‘cuppa’ shared in a snailmail revival group that I am in. (We send REAL mail to each other with small gifts, either hand made or thrifted and a letter or card. It is very fun!) So as I was only beginning my spoon collection, I think I sent two of my first spoon out in the post and the response from the recipients was of such excitement that it made me think that spoon could represent much more. So began my search.

As I was out and about at vintage markets or thrift stores I would scour old buckets, boxes and drawers full of crusty old cutlery. (My kids have a heart attack as I bend over to rummage through all that old junk!! They don’t come any more!!) I began to find some really interesting spoons and it soon became a real challenge to get 2 or 3 every time I went looking. Part of being a collector is the thrill of the chase!

As my collection grew, I knew that all of the spoons I had collected had been in someone’s hands before and probably stirred a cup of tea for themselves, or a loved one or friend. Spoons represent the joy of preparation of food and a means to enjoy it.

It’s a simple item. But I am not too sure eating soup would be very easy with a fork!

Love my spoon collection and it is likely to continue to grow.

Do you have a collection? Where are the items from? How many do you have? How long have you been collecting?


Spoon Collector: 75Cents Digital Kit (retired kit) Fonts: A Safe Place To Fall, 1942 Report

Spoon Collector

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9 Responses to Blog: Spoon Collector

  1. Bonnie says:

    I have one from every country and state that we visit. So far we have about 80 spoons. Haven’t found anything to display them in yet but will one of these days. I’ll open the box and look at them and remember the fun of searching for the right spoon and the challenge of finding them. The hardest one to find was in Russia as they only want you to visit certain shops their.

  2. Caroline says:

    I also have a spoon collection from places to which I have traveled. But my most prized ones are sterling silver and hang from the spoon rack on the front of my hutch cupboard. Had already thought to this going into the January project!

  3. Rhona Collinson says:

    Kerrianne, some of those are the spoons of my childhood, especially the sugar “shovel” and the sugar sifter in the bottom row. A lovely nostalgic page!

  4. adakallen adakallen says:

    HOW NEAT! Your collection and your display!

    I have a few spoons with an interesting flare…a piece from a relative…a special purchase or gift, etc. I have one spoon Christmas that my uncle made one ear for Christmas for family and friends. It was special when he made it and it is really special now that he is no longer living.


    • Kerrianne says:

      Ada, Isn’t it funny how the smallest and most common everyday items like a spoon, have such special meaning and memories. I bet that spoon your uncle made for you is one of your most cherished possessions. KA

  5. Asmaan says:

    I have a spoon collection too Kerrianne…mine is from all the places I have been to. So where ever we go on a holiday we visit the visitors centre or one of the local shops and I buy the spoon from there which has the name of the place on it. Maybe I can do a page on it when we do our project in January?!

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