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When you’re a scrapbooker and you see something unusual, your first instinct is to grab your camera. Let me tell you the story of an unexpected visitor I had last week.

I was working away at my desk when suddenly I heard a noise over in the corner. Looking around, I called out to Rosie, “Get the camera quickly!” Somehow, a large blue-tongue lizard had come in under the garage door, snuck through the open office door beside me and crawled to the far side of the office. Totally unfazed by my presence (and my frantic fumbling to get the camera settings right) she proceeded to explore all over, climbing over computer cables and knocking over a pile of batteries in the process. Curious to a fault, she even climbed onto the bookshelf behind Rob’s desk and through the handle of a plastic bag! Rosie and I tried to entice her into a box with some lettuce, but she was having none of that. After nosing around behind the cupboard and under all the desks among the mess of cables, she finally decided there was nothing much of interest in there and left the way she came. I followed her outside, snapping away with my camera, and watched her consider the long drop over the edge from the driveway, before taking the safer route over the edge onto the garden above the retaining wall. We wondered if maybe she was an expectant mother looking for a place to nest. I haven’t seen her since, so I hope she found a better nest than my office!

I’m so glad I had my camera relatively close by and could catch some pics of my curious visitor. Now her story will live on in my 2014 family album. Have you ever had an unusual visitor? What was it? Did you manage to get any photos? I’d love to hear your story if you have one. Perhaps you could make a page about it and share it on our Facebook page so we can all enjoy it!

Blue-tongued lizards are the largest members of the skink family. Skink lizards have overlapping scales that are usually smooth and contain small plates of bone. The Eastern Blue-tongue is silvery-grey with broad dark brown or blackish bands across the back and tail. Bluetongues usually live in open country with lots of ground cover such as tussocky grasses or leaf litter. They shelter at night among leaf litter or under large objects on the ground such as rocks and logs. The Eastern Bluetongue’s diet includes vegetation, berries, flowers, insects and snails. The Eastern Bluetongue usually gives birth between December and January, bearing 10-15 live young. [Source:]

PS. Can you spot the bright blue tongue in my photo? It is quite striking when you see it, but it flicks in and out so quickly, it’s hard to catch in a photo.

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14 Responses to Blog: An unexpected visitor

  1. Glenna says:

    That was a big lizard. I think I would have freaked out at first, but I have had bats flying around in our house several years ago. The first one freaked me out, but my husband was more freaked and I was the one that got the net and got it out of the house. We now have the house bat-proofed. Great photos and pages.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I would have freaked out, for sure. He’s huge.

  3. Kaye Rhodes says:

    OH, Alison! Come visit us in the Washington, DC area! Squirrels are everywhere. It’s a rare bird feeder that isn’t emptied by squirrels. Occasionally we see a black one. Our 3-yr. old grandson calls every squirrel “Peanut”! Your lizard would have FREAKED me out! Thanks for sharing the story.

  4. Jan says:

    Love it, Alison. Too bad Mary and Shelley didn’t go for the cameras at Juzzi’s house….

  5. Jo says:

    Hi Alison, We are travelling in Western Australia at the moment and have seen so many Blue Tongues crossing the road, or camping out in stores and workshops. Lovely surprise!

  6. Deanna Emmert says:

    OK. Australia has been blessed with WAYYYY too many interesting animals! Squirrels and birds do not compare, dear Alison! 😀

  7. adakallen says:

    WOW! I am not sure I would have even thought about a camera! Glad you did and shared it with us!

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