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So today, this happened. The baking began. OK, I know it is Christmas Eve eve!!! But, I seem to be well known for leaving everything until the last minute! LOL

About 1o years ago my best friend’s mum gave me a recipe for a fruit cake that would suit a diabetic. My dad has type one diabetes and loves fruit cake, so I decided to give it a go. And I have been making them ever since!

It’s easy to make. One saucepan is the only thing to wash! Boil the fruit and orange juice, add the bi-carb soda, the mixed spice and the brandy (and a touch more brandy!!)  Then allow that to cool. Add the flours and carnation milk, mix and pour into a lined and greased baking tin. I always add almonds to the top and today’s cake is coated in flaked almonds – yum!

At this point, make sure the Christmas carols are blaring on the CD player, because now the house really smells like Christmas.

Cook the cake for about an hour an a half. Sing a lot! Wait.

It’s not a big thing that I do, but it is a tradition and I know that on Christmas day when I give my dad his Christmas cake he will be happy!

I have designed my recipe in a 6×4 project and printed it out for a lot of friends who have also had a go at cooking it. Because it is so easy and super delicious, it has become very popular!






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7 Responses to Blog: The Christmas Cake

  1. Billie J says:

    A lovely family tradition. I think my family would like this cake and I’ll give it a try. What font did you use for “Christmas Cake”?

  2. adakallen says:

    This recipe sounds delicious, and we have some diabetics in the family…if only I could convert every thing…
    1 Kg = 2 lbs 3.4 oz Mixed fruit (fresh, frozen, ?)
    137 ml can = 4.6 oz Milk carnation milk
    bicarb = Soda
    Bake in over at 160…I assume that is 160 c


  3. Patricia Lewis says:

    Thankyou for the recipe will definetly give it a go. So quick and so easy.

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