It was a goal of mine to master Twinkle Lights and Bokeh photography this year at Christmas. Both these styles of photography I have failed at before, or only managed by fluke – so to set out and do this was high on my list! The twinkle lights were the easiest to accomplish with the help of some “googling”. Bokeh though, was a lot tricker! So…. more “googling”, help from some Facebook friends (one being Suzi Leverington!) and a few nights on my own while the family were off on a waterskiing/camping trip – I had time to play, and time to keep practicing. I’m so happy with the results! I had a few nights to just click away, and have so many photos now – some pretty dreadful to begin with, but with loads of practice, a tripod (a must have item), and no-one else at home, I could concentrate and enjoy taking photos with my DSLR again! It’s been a while since I took out my DSLR and had a proper play with it, and I’m so happy that I did. However, once I started taking photos, I couldn’t stop, and then the time would just fly by – so the early nights I promised myself while the family weren’t home, just didn’t happen!

Now I’ve taken so many photos, imported them into Historian, and made a layout in Artisan of a few of my favourite photos. Importing them into Artisan will also help me refer back to the data for each photo that I took, so I can quickly and easily reference the properties and the raw metadata to see what settings worked on my camera to get the look I want.

Twinkle Lights – tick!!!
Bokeh – tick!!!
Feeling pretty chuffed with myself – tick!!!

Wishing you, and your loved ones, a fabulous Christmas, New Year and 2015 – full of love, laughter and happiness always! It’s been wonderful celebrating each and every day with you all this year – and I can’t wait for all the new and exciting things we have planned to share with you for 2015!

Content used: pixels2Pages Classic Blueprint Collection Bundle #1, Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals): Christmas Memories Kit (including Alpha Set), Vintage Christmas Kit. Font: KG Begin Again
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I have a Canon EOS 550D
Settings for Twinkle Lights:  F-stop 22, ISO 400
Settings for Bokeh:  F-stop 4.0, ISO 400
PP/S: and before you ask me about shutter speed – I cheated, and let my camera do the work for me … this time. That’s another goal – to work out how to change shutter speed, while shooting in Manual, and to get it to work! (maybe next year!)


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9 Responses to Blog: Christmas Lights

  1. Donna Ames says:

    Love your photos and pages! I, too, have been wanting to do this, but so far haven’t had much luck. I will have to play some more now that Christmas Day is over and I can breathe a little.


    Wow!!! Beautiful photos and nice layout.

  3. Suzy Dust says:

    oh, I’m so jealous! Beautiful photos! That was a goal of mine this year too and so far – just not happening! Maybe next year. Merry Christmas!

  4. Lindie says:

    These are on my bucket list also. I may have to cheat and use your settings to see what I can get. Thanks for the ideas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Janice says:

      Lindie – cheating is definitely allowed! That’s how I finally got to these photos and settings for my camera that worked. I love google, and friends that are more than willing to share what their settings work!

  5. Deanna Emmert says:

    NICE!!! 🙂

  6. adakallen says:

    LOVE IT! Good Job!

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