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Rabbit, Rabbit and best wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year!  I know that we all say it every year, with every turn of the calendar page, but CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS 2015????!!!!  Since I was born in a year that ends in ‘5’, and married in a year that ends in ‘0’, this is a BIG birthday year and big anniversary year for me.  It also means that pixels2Pages will celebrate its 5th anniversary, which hardly seems possible!

What special occasions will you celebrate and scrap about in 2015?  Will you be marking the days as part of our Day2Day community?  Or maybe exploring what makes your house a home in our Project Studio class?  Or perhaps you’ll make sure to document the big moments (and the little ones) as the year goes by.  Whatever your style or your goals, join us in making a commitment to have fun while creating keepsakes for you and your family.  Make it a point to stop by the pixels2Pages website and Facebook pages, browse through our pinboards on Pinterest, and lose yourself in an issue of Pages e-zine.  The more you post and share, whether by commenting on the website, posting pages or comments on Facebook, or by pinning and repinning or tweeting and retweeting your favorite things, the more fun you will have, and you will have contributed to the p2P community overall.  We are so glad you are here with us and the p2P team wishes you only the best for 2015!

Membership has its privileges

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Did you download all eleven Quick Pages created by the p2P team using kits donated by the Panstoria Designers?  And surely you got the fabulous Pixie Dust collection, also donated by the Panstoria Designers!  If not, you still have a few days to get them.  Like many Christmas trees, they will be history on 6 January 2015.

Project Studio: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Today is the BIG DAY!!!  It’s the first day of the very first Project Studio class, Home Is Where the Heart Is, led by p2P team member Kerrianne Hobbs and Panstoria designer Janet Carr of Little Feet Digital Designs.  Over 100 scrappers are about to burst with excitement after waiting for the class to begin!  It’s not too late to join them – quick!  Click HERE if you want to be a part of the fun!


Today is still a BIG DAY!!  It’s the first day of the new year, which means our Day2Day community is starting with a clean slate.  It means that if this is the year you have declared “YES, I WILL take a photo every day and make a book of those photos!” then you are NOT BEHIND!!  Quick!  Grab your camera or your phone and take your first photo!  It could be the beginning of something FUN!  And to make it even easier, hop on over to the Panstoria store and purchase this year’s Day2Day 2015 Kit.  If you didn’t get last year’s, grab it now, too – you can’t have too many 7-opening pages if you’re doing this project!

Pages Magazine

Since today is a holiday, sit back and relax while reading every word and looking at every page of our most recent Pages online magazine!  We guarantee you’ll be inspired!  While you’re there, have a look at our other publications on issuu.

Next Virtual Crop

Something to look forward to….and it’s this month!!  Join us at the end of this month for our Time2Crop event – mark your brand new calendar for 30 January – 1 February and be there for more fun!

Your Stories Go Digital

We are honored to be one of the featured designers for our friends over at Your Stories Go Digital this month!  Check out their Facebook page for some p2P goodies, and be sure to share some of your favorite pages there, too.

Membership Details

We have a few housekeeping notes and reminders for you:

  • If you are a resident of Texas and you are a p2P member, we need to know about it.  Please send an email to with the subject “Texas” and include your p2P user name.  We need to be collecting sales tax from you instead of paying it for you.
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  • You may notice a new look on our posts – in an effort to make it easier for you to connect pixels2Pages offerings with Panstoria products, Artisan offerings will have a blue background and Historian offerings will have a mango background.  Things like blogs and other posts that are more generic will remain a teal color, and Back2Basics is still gold.  Our home page is still a work in progress – thanks for your patience!


New Products in the Panstoria Store

If you were as busy as I was in December, you may have missed some exciting new offerings in the Panstoria store!  Click HERE to purchase any of these kits using our affiliate link:

  • 12×12 Classic Blueprint Collection #1 ($4.95) – 4 DPS Classic BPs: Apple Picking, Bath, Beach Cricket, Birthday
  • 12×12 Classic Blueprint Collection #2 ($4.95) – 4 DPS Classic BPs: Easter, Daylesford, Mary’s Many, Tathra Wharf/Window Pane
  • 12×12 Classic Blueprint Collection #3 ($4.95) – 4 DPS Classic BPs: Casino, My Indiana, Pinewood, Tilba
  • 12×12 Classic Blueprint Bundle #1 ($13.95) – contains all Classic Blueprints listed above
  • Day2Day 2015 Kit, available in 11×8.5 and 12×12 ($14.95) –  27 Blueprints, 2 covers, calendar embellishments, and alpha set
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is Blueprint Book ($6.95) – 21 pages and one cover
  • A Home Is Where the Heart Is Kit by Little Feet Digital Designs ($6.95) – 25 papers, 278 embellishments
  • Home is Where the Heart Is Bundle ($12.95) – contains both the HIWTHI Blueprint Book and Kit listed above

NOTE: We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the Home Is Where the Heart Is Blueprint Book and Bundle.  Please wait until after January 2, 2015, to download them from the Panstoria store.

Look for more fun stuff coming soon!  Are there Classic Blueprints you’d like to see for sale in the Panstoria store?  If so, let us hear from you!


December 2014 at

Let’s look back at the month of December at pixels2Pages.  The headings are links to the content described.

PageLines- Icons21.jpg


….for those who like to learn by doing


235: Threes by Mary

236: Three Panels, One Photo by Kerrianne

237: Add a Tab by Janice

238: Copy and Repeat by Justine

239: Pencil Sketch by Kim

PageLines- Icons14.jpg


….for those who like to learn by reading



Artisan Tip: Creating Page Titles from Photos by Shelley

Historian Tip: Using RAW Files in Historian by Shelley

Artisan Tip: Library Folder Options by Shelley

Photography Tip: Lights by Justine

Tech Tip: Run as an Administrator by Shelley

PageLines- Icons11.jpg


…for those who like shortcuts to gorgeous pages


New this year in response to feedback from our members, we will not include 7-opening Blueprints in every month’s download.  That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be any – they just won’t be a regular feature.  If you find yourself needing more 7-opening Blueprints, we have two full Day2Day kits available in the Panstoria store – see link above!

DPS: Block Party (10 photos) by Justine

DPS: Cushiony Comfort (3 photos) by Alison

DPS: Childhood Friends (5 photos) by Janice

Single: Gone Fishin’ (6 photos) by Kerrianne

Single: Santa Collection (6 photos) by Janice

Single: Ghoulies and Ghosties (8 photos) by Anne


  PageLines- Icons24.jpg    Videos:

…for those who like to learn by watching and those who like to see the designer’s creative process in action



Start2Finish: Bowenfels Station by Alison

Video Tidbit: Canvas Prints by Shelley

Video Tidbit: From Mobile to Page by Kerrianne


PageLines- Icons15.jpg

    Pixie Dust:

…for those who love a little extra digital content


New this year!!  Each month, one of our Pixie Dust Collections will be a sampling of designs from one of the talented Panstoria Designers.  This month, Michelle Shefveland of Cottage Arts is sharing some of her coastal creations.  We hope you enjoy this exciting new offering!

Comfort Food by Anne

By the Sea Sample Pack by Cottage Arts



    p2P LIVE:

…for those who enjoy working with a group of real people



p2P LIVE Morgan Hills No Frills Crop

p2P LIVE Healdsburg, CA

Coming in January 2015: Jan will be in Livonia, MI for a LIVE event sponsored by Anna Broome and Mary will be in Silverton, OR for an event sponsored by Pam Winn.


PageLines- Icons6.jpg

     Checklists and Handouts:

…for those who don’t want to miss a thing!


New Digital Content (in the Panstoria Store) by Anne

Blueprint Checklists by Shelley



     Behind the Globe blog posts:

….for those who want to get to know the pixels2Pages team


Rabbit, Rabbit: It’s November and Happy Cyber Monday by Jan
Shelley’s Scribbles: Ambushed by Tears
Adventures of a Bond Girl by Tameka: If at First You Don’t Succeed
Happy Talk by Jan: Time Travel
Pooh’s Putterings by Anne: OK, 1-2-3 Smile!
The Buzz by Mary: Remember These?
Kim’s Blog: Sweets from Around the World
Justine’s Blog: Transformations
Penny’s Blog: Famous Ferris Fruit from Florida
Janice Gee’s Journal: Christmas Lights
A Little Birdie Told Me by Kerrianne: The Christmas Cake
Words and Pictures by Alison: An Unexpected Visitor

January Calendar

And here is what you can expect this month, with thanks to Tameka for the calendar and its handy check boxes:

January 2015

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  1. mindys7 says:

    LOVE the new calendar format! This is exactly what I have been doing: writing in the title of the event/info for each day and checking it off when I have downloaded, read, printed, etc. Thanks!

  2. Caroline says:

    Two blueprints I’d like to see for sale: “Waterfront” for 25 photos and the other one is something about a Market that had a big circle or other odd shape in the middle of it. Sorry I can’t remember the name of it. Thanks!

  3. Sandy says:

    I am SOOOO excited to continue playing in 2015. I have plans to return for D2D 2015 again, can’t wait to play with all the Home Is Where The Heart Is goodies, and just continue working on some projects that have been set aside for too long. It’s going to be an exciting year for my family and I know that I will be able to create some great things to help document all the fun. Thank you to all the pixies for everything you do for all of us.

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