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Grandkids vs kids.  I used to laugh when I heard people say, my parents allow  my grandkids to do so much more than they allowed me to get away with.  I figured I wouldn’t do that.  It would just create spoiled kids right?  WRONG!  I have been a “Nana” for almost 5 years now.  My first grandbaby was born when we were starting pixels2Pages.  I love being a Nana and find myelf allowing my grandkids much more leeway then I would have ever allowed my children.  Take this month for example.  Our annual Christmas cookie decorating.  This fun activity went by the wayside for a few years.  We’ve done this in our home since my oldest was well, old enough to shake sprinkles onto cookies! This tradition slipped away sometime between the first one getting married and the baby of our family deciding she was too old for the activity anymore.  Now, however, I have two grandchildren old enough to shake sprinkles. I also have quite a few friends with grandkids the same age as mine so we all decided to get all the grandkids together and let them decorate cookies.  What fun we had.  More fun than when my kids decorated because we no longer care how many cookies the children eat while decorating. They’re allowed to lick their fingers and eat sprinkles plain from the bottle and eat plain icing too! I let my kids eat ONE cookie while decorating, these kids can eat however many they want. If no mom was going to tell them how many, this Nana wasn’t about too either.  (Yes the moms were there but busy chatting with each other. Their mistake)!

The next time the grandkids came over we had just celebrated a couple birthdays and there was leftover cookie cake sitting around.  My grandson asked my if he could have some and of course with those big blue eyes looking longingly at the cookie cake I was not about to tell him no.  I only asked how much?  That same day we decided to start a fire in our fire pit and give them their first experience at roasting marshmallows.  My son was home for Christmas and decided they should learn how to make smores. THAT was not my idea but I certainly went along with it because as a good Nana how could I stop my grandkids from getting another fun life experience!  Yes I CAN justify almost everything. Needless to say their mom came by about an hour later and we loaded them up and sent them on their way.

I decided not to call and check on them that evening for fear I wouldn’t like what I heard! So I happily went about my day chuckling to myself that grandkids are so much easier than kids!  God knew what He was doing by blessing us with them!

While making this page I also decided that we have so many awesome choices now as digital designers.  Like with my grandkids I’m not limiting myself to one or two! ! When I started digital scrapbooking choices were limited.  I found the perfect colors for this page with the Polar Bear Lane Mega Bundle by Jumpstart Designs.  It was VERY hard to choose as are so many great options now. I can hardly wait to work on the rest of my Christmas pages to experiment with other designers kits.  I know the p2P crop coming up in January will be the perfect time to play!


Happy New Year and be sure and join is during our crop!


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#p2PFitnessFunBP.  Content Used: Polar Bear Lane MEGA Bundle – Jumpstart Designs, Fonts: DT- Saxi B00, Microsoft Sans Serif.

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10 Responses to Blog: Grandkids vs kids

  1. Patricia Lewis says:

    Love the blog and reading all the comments. I had a good chuckle, agreeing with all that was said.

  2. Sandy says:

    SO Cute!! Thanks for sharing you story.

  3. Bonnie says:

    So many wonderful memories you are making with your grandchildren. I also let mine get away with more than I would let my son. My grandchildren are 3 and 5. We do an annual gingerbread house with them and this was year number 4 for the oldest one. They love to lick the frosting off their fingers and eating the candy as they’re decorating. This is one tradition that they look forward too and yours will look forward to the cookie party each Christmas. Grandchildren are the best!

  4. Liz Propst says:

    Mary… true!!! And I love the page, I’m and angle girl!

  5. Tabitha Jones says:

    your layering of embellishments is impressive! So cute! Sugar those grandbabies up and send ’em home 🙂

  6. What a great page! It looks everyone had a great time!

  7. adakallen says:

    LOVE IT!

    I am even having more fun with the Great Grandchildren than I did with the grandchildren IF that is possible!

  8. Linda DeLaughter says:

    This page truly exemplifies the fun that you must have had making these great cookies and wonderful memories!! P.S. I love the red, white and green sprinkles!!

  9. sistersunshine says:

    Dear dear sweet Mary, Peace & joy. And are we going to mention the difference in bedtimes, meal preferences (HOTDOGS… 3 times this week by demand…normally YUCK! but what’s a grey haired granny gonna do?!!! LOL) YOU ARE SO RIGHT… there are different rules for kids and grandies. *U* Kathleen

    • Mary says:

      You’re so right…different rules too…basically whatever they want most of the time! Kathleen I did see a cute since today that said “I’m not gray, I have silver highlights!” My new favorite saying!

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