NewChapter_Banner_TBHere we go again!  It’s a new year – a time of new beginnings, new friendships and a new chapter in our lives. Though many things are new, many things remain the same.

  • Lack of time – I haven’t gotten any less busy. My kids are growing up overnight.  They are not really interested in hanging out with me anymore.  They are only 17, 13 and 10, but they have ever growing social lives.  They are still at home, yet I feel like an empty-nester.   What I would give for just a little more time.
  • They can’t be bothered – We all love to take pictures, but no one wants to pose for pictures (except my daughter).  I am on the constant hunt for the perfect picture.  All I seem to get are tired pouty faces, silly faces and mean scowls.  Funny thing is… when they take pictures with friends and other family members, everyone is all smiles.  Is this my punishment for being momma-razi for the past 17 years?
  • Increasingly irritable – I feel as if my family knows exactly which buttons to push and they hold their finger on the button.  They find my reaction hysterical, but why aren’t I laughing?
  • UFO sightings – Don’t search my computer.  I have so many unfinished opportunities, and I have started new ones.  I finally dove in to finishing them but that pesky little four letter word…
  • WORK – ugh.  The 9 to 5 before my 5 to 9. Boring legal work that takes away from my scrapping.
  • Loss – The loss of two key family members this year threw a monkey wrench into my weight loss.  Not only did I not lose any additional weight, but I gained nearly 20lbs.  I have lost 3lbs of that weight gain… but UGH… it is a never ending battle.

It may seem as if I have a lot to complain about, but when I vent all of my frustrations it opens my heart to love, fun, friendship and abundant happiness.  I am having a blast as a participant in the Home Is Where The Heart Is Project.  Nope, you won’t see me acting as Pixie Tameka over there.  I am there learning, laughing and having fun.  YOU SHOULD JOIN US.  I have also committed myself to the Day2Day project again.  Stay on me and make sure I don’t fall off the wagon.

Happy New Year everyone.    Here are a few Project Studio pages I created and my very first Day2Day page of the year.

Tameka's Favorite Picture  TamekaBlog-BusyDoingTamekaBlog010715

Content for Pictures Hanging and Busy Doing:  Home Is Where The Heart Is Bundle.  Font: Vanessa Loves Yo

Content for January 1-3: Little Things Matter Kit by Jumpstart Designs. Fonts: Teen and Vladimir Script

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3 Responses to Blog: Here we go again…

  1. Jan says:

    I don’t envy you the transitions of the next few years, Meka, as your children grow their wings and fly. Just remember – when they do, that means you have done your job and done it well. Let them soar! It’s bittersweet, but like little birds, they do come back to the nest now and then (just don’t let them live there!!) Love your Home Is pages and your Day2Day. Go for it!

  2. adakallen says:

    Sounds like something I would write!

  3. moemc says:

    Oh Tameka, this could have been me writing this 10 years ago. As a single mom of 2 boys I know what you are saying – I hear you loud and clear. I retired this past year and also lost my mom. I still have my dad close by and see him as often as I can, which is a blessing. Now, back to those kids – I love my “alone time” now that the boys are gone, starting families of their own but I so look forward to the times we get to spend together, which definately aren’t enough. Our relationships have changed – yes, I’m still their mom but I am also someone who they talk to, tell me things that never would have been told to me years ago. I also love their partners and my grandchildren. Things change and when that day comes you will look back and remember these times with a grin.
    I always enjoy your blogs and your pages. Thank you

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