Take a minute of your time to see how easy it is to save from one project and import into another.


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4 Responses to Pixie Power Minute: Featuring the File Ribbon – Save As

  1. Ellen Hathaway says:

    Now that I have Artisan 5 I cannot find the “save as jpg” option. I want to save a page from an artisan project as a free-standing 12×12 page. Am I missing something? Have not had time to look at all the recent tips but need to get this done. Help!

    • Alison says:

      Ellen, go to File > Save As > Export current page. Choose the location to save to, type in the name you want, and in the bar under the name where it says Save as type, choose JPG File.

  2. Patricia Lewis says:

    Hi, Having trouble playing this video. Regards Patricia

    • Jan says:

      Patricia, it played fine for me just now. What browser are you using? I’d suggest anything besides Internet Explorer. Try closing other programs that may be running in the background (like Skype) and perhaps reboot your computer.

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