BlogHeader_Kim_ScrapbookingStuffWhen Angela was born (1993) I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I worked for Hewlett Packard at that time and Tony worked for Lockheed. We just couldn’t figure out a way for me to quit my job.  I went back to work when Angela was four months old.  In 1997 I had twin boys.  During that pregnancy, we were still trying to figure out how to get me home.  At that time, we owned a condominium in San Jose, California.  We diligently worked on a budget trying to cut costs, but still couldn’t create a budget that would get me home with the kids. We handed our budget to several trusted friends to see if they could see something we were overlooking.  We began to cut things that we thought we couldn’t live without like cable t.v. Then, one of our trusted friends suggested we look at a manufactured home.  Reluctantly, we took a look at that choice.  Choosing a manufactured home vs. a traditional home, reduced our housing budget significantly.  One more hurdle, we had to move further south to Gilroy, California.  We thought, “Who lives in Gilroy?”  In August 1997 we moved into our new home in Gilroy.  In January 1998, I came home to be with my children.  That is where my heart wanted to be! I will never forget the first time Tony left for work. I kissed him at the back door and said “have a great day, see you tonight”.  It literally took every dollar Tony made to keep me home.  The cuts in our budget did hurt, but not as much as leaving my children with someone else.  The sad thing is, I could have been home all along.  Tony and I had to really look at what was important to us.  Fast forward 17 years.  Angela has graduated college at 20 with a double major (communications & graphic design).  My twin boys will be graduating high school with 4.0+ gpa and 50+ transferrable college units.  AJ wants to be in the Navy and Joey wants to be a writer.  Tony and I will be celebrating 24 years of marriage in 2015.


This layout and title come from the Home Is Where The Heart is Project Studio class.  The content on the page is from the Home Is Where the Heart is kit Bundle, that includes a Blueprint Book and coordinating embellishments.

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9 Responses to Blog: The Story of our Home

  1. Sandy says:

    I always joke that I am the stay at home mom who was never at home. I was blessed to be able to stay home with the girls after our youngest daughter was born. I don’t regret one day of it. Yes there were sacrifices to be made over the years but none of us were ever without the things we needed. I enjoyed being able to volunteer at there schools. I knew their teachers, their friends and the parents of their friends. I was their Girl Scout leader for 13 years ( and I continue to play even though they are both out on their own). My husband and I are enjoying our “empty nest” by doing things we put off for too long. BUT, we still miss them terribly. I know that the time I was able to give them was the best investment in their lives that we could both make.

  2. Terry Vachowski says:

    I love this, Kim! I was a stay at home mom also. My husband was a teacher so we were pretty poor, but I usually had a part time job to help out. If I had it to do all over again, there is no way I would change a thing!

  3. Liz Propst says:

    Lovely story of how you made your life work so you could follow your dream!! And our first interest rate was 17.5%!!

  4. Barbara says:

    Great story Kim. If at all possible, I think being at home with your children is so important. I remember coming home from school to a warm house, lights on and good smells of something that had been baked or dinner cooking. When I walked across the street to my best friends house it was cold (we only had space heaters not central heat back in the olden days LOL), dark and only smelled damp after being closed up all day. As you probably guessed, her mother worked.

  5. Beverly Goodrich says:

    Great story! When I got laid off in 2002 we decided that I would stay home. We had a 11 and 5 yr old sons. We adopted our daughter in 2003. I have been home ever since and I also home school our youngest two (grades 8 and 12 this year – the end is in sight). I love being home. There are some things that money can not buy.

    Love your pages. Congratulations on your many years of marriage and the fine children you have raised.

  6. Jan says:

    We closed on our first house, with its 14.5% interest rate (down from 18%!!) on the day I found out I was pregnant with David. We were both working – Rex was still a resident – and I made more money than he, so of course the plan was for me to go back to work after my 4 months off (I never used my sick days and worked lots of holidays to accrue that much time!). However, after being home from the hospital about two days, I knew I wouldn’t be going back. It took me about a week to tell Rex…. Thankfully, he got a job moonlighting in an ER one weekend a month and one night a week, in addition to his already long hours, and that (and making due with less) made the difference. We have never regretted that decision! I laugh now, too – the mortgage payment on our teeny little first house was more than we pay now on our ‘second home’ in NC, which is quite a bit bigger and nicer! Funny thing about those interest rates!

  7. Sue Thoenes says:

    Oh, Kim, such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing and your home is gorgeous! I hope you know how much you inspire others….Love my Pixies!!!

  8. Nita says:

    Wonderful story, Kim!!!! And from one stay at home mom to another, I completely understand!! No matter how crazy a day was with my twin sons, no matter the mess or crying or chaos, no matter what things I thought I was missing out on by not working, at the end of every day home with them I knew home was where I belonged! Thanks for sharing your sweet story! <3

  9. Linda DeLaughter says:

    What a wonderful story! Ours was a similar one — when we thought we would never have children, we purchased a larger home that required both incomes to pay the mortgage. Within 4 months, I was pregnant, but my husband earned a great deal of overtime that year due to a strike by the union at the plant. So I was able to stay at home with our daughter!

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