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The month of LOVE is upon us!  Happy Valentine’s Day, a couple of weeks early!  You may have noticed we had a special ‘Love’ Blueprint collection available in the Panstoria Store – we hope you will enjoy them and maybe use one or two to make a special valentine’s gift. We had a very busy month in January, as we were honored to be the Featured Designers at Your Stories Go Digital, we launched the very popular and highly successful “Home Is Where the Heart Is” Project Studio class, and we are in the middle of our Time2Crop Virtual Crop.

Starting this month, we will be sending short weekly emails to let you know what’s going on at pixels2Pages.  You’ll want to make sure you’re on our mailing list, so if you don’t get an email from us this week, be sure to let us know ( or comment below.  Since you’ll be hearing from us more often, Rabbit, Rabbit is back to being more of a look back at the previous month instead of also trying to let you know all that’s coming up.  So, with no further ado, let’s look back at the month of January at pixels2Pages.  The headings are links to the content described.

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….for those who like to learn by doing


240: Magic Overlay by Mary

241: Get Your Glow On by Penny

242: Journaled Borders by Tameka

243: Candy Crush by Kerrianne

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….for those who like to learn by reading



Artisan Tip: Printing SBC Projects Using Artisan by Shelley

Historian Tip: View Options in the Media Library by Shelley

Artisan Tip: Filling Elements: Grouping vs. Flattening by Shelley

Photography Tip: Better Phone Photos, Part 2 by Justine


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…for those who like shortcuts to gorgeous pages


In response to feedback from our members, we will not include 7-opening Blueprints in every month’s download.  That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be any – they just won’t be a regular feature.  If you find yourself needing more 7-opening Blueprints, we have two full Day2Day kits (2014 and 2015) available in the Panstoria store!

DPS: Car Show (11 photos) by Mary

DPS: Happiness Is… (7 photos) by Tameka

DPS: Golden Hour (13 photos) by Penny

Single: Cellars (5 photos) by Shelley

Single: Eighteen (18 photos) by Alison

Single: Welcome Home (4 photos) by Kim

Also in January, we had three extra DPS Blueprint offerings that we shared with Your Stories Go Digital.  They were from the following Blueprint Books, available for purchase in the Panstoria Store:

Day2Day Blueprint Book  by Janice and Alison

Time of My Life Blueprint Book by Tameka

Recipes for Life Blueprint Book by Mary


  PageLines- Icons24.jpg    Videos:

…for those who like to learn by watching and those who like to see the designer’s creative process in action


Start2Finish: Crystal River Preserve by Penny

Video Tidbit: Overlays and Gradients by Tameka

Video Tidbit: Finding Your Way Around pixels2Pages by Shelley

Video Tidbit: Me and My Shadow by Penny

Historian Video Tidbit: The Creative Vault by Tameka

Also in January, we had three extra video offerings that we shared with Your Stories Go Digital:

Pixie Power Minute: Featuring the Arrange Ribbon – Group and Align by Tameka

Pixie Power Minute: Featuring the Arrange Ribbon – Rotate and Align by Tameka

Pixie Power Minute: Featuring the File Ribbon – Save As by Tameka


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    Pixie Dust:

…for those who love a little extra digital content


Each month, one of our Pixie Dust Collections is a sampling of designs from one of the talented Panstoria Designers.  This month, Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals is sharing some of her ‘love’ creations.  We hope you enjoy this exciting new offering!

Love This by Janice

Letter Box Love and Looking for Love by Katie Pertiet

Also in January, we had three extra Pixie Dust offerings that we shared with Your Stories Go Digital.  They were small collections chosen to coordinate with the following Blueprint Books, which are available for purchase in the Panstoria Store:

Day2Day Blueprint Book – paper and ribbons

Time of My Life Blueprint Book – paper and tags

Recipes for Life Blueprint Book – Breakfast Time



Project Studio:

Home Is Where the Heart Is, led by Janet Carr of Little Feet Digital Designs and by our own Kerrianne Hobbs.  This class is available for purchase: $24 for p2P members and $30 for non-members.  Included with this class are:


3 Videos

2 DPS Blueprints

Home Is Where the Heart Is Sampler Kit

6 Handouts

A closed Facebook group ‘classroom’

NOTE: It’s not too late to enjoy this class.  While the official classroom interaction ends in mid-February, everything you need will be there!




    p2P LIVE:

…for those who enjoy working with a group of real people



p2P LIVE Morgan Hills No Frills Crop

p2P LIVE Healdsburg, CA



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 Checklists and Handouts:

…for those who don’t want to miss a thing!


New Digital Content (in the Panstoria Store) by Anne

Blueprint Checklists by Shelley


  Blog_IconBehind the Globe blog posts:

….for those who want to get to know the pixels2Pages team


Rabbit, Rabbit and Happy New Year by Jan
Shelley’s Scribbles: No Excuses
Adventures of a Bond Girl by Tameka: Here We Go Again
Happy Talk by Jan: Lean and Green in 2015
Pooh’s Putterings by Anne: A Day of Discovery
The Buzz by Mary: Grandkids vs. Kids
Kim’s Blog: The Story of Our Home
Justine’s Blog: Home Is
Penny’s Blog: A Labor of Love
Janice Gee’s Journal: The Perfect Gift
A Little Birdie Told Me by Kerrianne: From Where I Stand
Words and Pictures by Alison: The Pre-travel Jitters

February Calendar

And here is what you can expect this month, with thanks to Tameka for the calendar and its handy check boxes:


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  1. Jacque Wallace says:

    I’m a newbie, living in Eugene, OR do you have any one here that can help me? I’m a real beginner and need help. Jacque Wallace.

    • Jan says:

      Welcome, Jacque! We’re all online here, but we invite you to join our Back2Basics membership, which is perfect for the newbie who wants to learn how to use Artisan software. HERE is how to join – come have fun with us!

  2. Cori says:

    I’m a newbie…what does “7-opening Blueprints” mean?

    • Jan says:

      Hi and welcome, Cori! One of the ways we designate our Blueprints (live page templates) is by noting how many photo openings are on a page. We have a lot of members who complete Day2Day albums (taking a photo every day and then making a book of those images) so we used to always include 2-3 Blueprints with 7 photo openings on them. Keep asking questions and have fun learning!

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