NewChapter_Banner_TBI am a party planner by heart.  It is all about the “Fine Details” for me.  I have also been told that I have a “dominant” personality.  Once someone mentions the word “party”.  In about 10.5 seconds I have the entire event planned in my head, from the colors to the location, to the invites.  The problem is, I immediately forget that “IT’S NOT MY EVENT!”

So one of my closest friends is getting married.  Her colors are green and blue.   Dark versions of green and blue.  Green is her main color with splashes of blue.  Immediately upon her telling me her colors, my  brain processed  blue and green.  That quickly translated to blue and silver with a little bit of green.  A few seconds later, her colors were blue and silver (in my head).  She wanted me to do a lot of stuff for her wedding.  I am happy to do so.   It is very exciting that one of my first friends in Junior High is getting married.  I just struggled with the colors because they were not the colors I would have chosen, but then I realized… Hey Meka!  It’s not your wedding.  I had to give myself that reality check because in the end what makes me happy is her seeing her vision fulfilled.  It’s not about what she wants, but what I want…. Wait…that’s not right.   It’s not about what I want, it’s about what she wants!  Yup.  That’s it!

Shortly after going through the planning of the pre-wedding celebration (which is actually today) and the wedding, another close friend of mine asked me to assist with her baby shower.  She had a difficult time getting pregnant so this shower is even more special.  The minute she told me it’s a girl and that she wanted the colors of her shower to be pink, yellow, brown and blue, my brain immediately translated “dusty rose and gold vintage glam baby shower”.  Here we go again.  I really  want her shower to be everything she visions it to be.  It is her first child after all.  Well, if I am being completely honest, I want her baby shower to be everything I want it to be…but I want her to want her shower to be what I want it to be.    I created these elaborate invitations for her.   I was in love.  Mainly pink and to be mounted on gold paper.  I sent her the invite I originally created for review and she wanted me to remove a major element.  Then she wanted me to add a third color.  Then she wanted me to add a baby bottle… I mean  who puts baby items on a baby shower invite? :-).  In the end I created the invite she wanted.  It will look nice.  She loves it and I am happy she loves it.  Secretly I printed 5 of my favorite invite for myself.   I sit here laughing as I write it.

Long story short…people should just let me run with my ideas for their event.  No… that’s not it…. I should be happy when they are happy and just get remarried and have another baby so I can plan my next wedding and baby shower.   (That is sooooooo not happening.)

Then two versions of the invitation are below.  I won’t tell you which one is mine .

Blog New Chapter Back Off Meka - Page 002 Blog New Chapter Back Off Meka - Page 001Minted Wings Blendables by Katie Pertiet (Found in the Panstoria Store under Designer Digitals)

Bundle of Joy Girl Kit – KaiserCraft

Fonts: Brotherhood Script and Gabriola

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12 Responses to Blog: Back Off Meka!!

  1. Kristeen says:

    Your friends are lucky to have you!

  2. Bridget says:

    I like them both!!! Would be hard for me to choose!!!

  3. Kirsten Bush says:

    Ah, my sister sends me a copy of what she kind of wants and after I design it she changes stuff around 🙂 But we always do agree on the end and she does let me add a few of my things…even if she will take them out in the end.
    For a baby shower I also would go with the baby bottle one…sorry…on the other one my eyes are drawn to the flowers in the corners, they would be great for a girl fling though! 🙂
    I know you really want to know what we think of your cards…LOL!

    • Tameka says:

      Awww shucks. They were mounted on some really pretty gold paper, with pink shimmer envelopes. The flowers look great against the gold. I actually preferred a vintage carriage over the bottle since this was supposed to be shabby chic glam…but she wanted the bottle.

  4. adakallen says:

    O Meka! I think we must be sisters, cousins, something Our personalities are too much alike! My invitation would have been like yours (without the bottle).

    I can go one step further…LOL! I have a daughter who gets involved in all of the wedding and baby showers at the church her job is the invitations. She comes over to my house for me to help her make them (because I have all the goodies on my computer). It usually turns into a “dog fight” before we come to an agreement on things. She brings a picture or something and wants me to make it and/or alter it. She is so picky that I usually walk away from MY computer and tell her to do it! “GIRLS…can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!”

  5. Bonnie says:

    They are both beautiful. My favorite, since it is a baby shower, is the on with the baby bottle. Thank you for showing us and getting me to thinking outside the box to do other projects.

  6. Cathy says:

    I like them both. But one without the baby bottle is more elegant. 😉

  7. Sue Thoenes says:

    I like the one on the right the best – is it yours? I would have you plan my event any day!! Thanks, Tameka….

  8. Deanna Emmert says:

    I admire your creativity and talent to envision an idea in your head and make it happen in life! 🙂

  9. sistersunshine says:

    Meka, Peace & joy. I LOVE how transparent you are on your blog, I know NO ONE would ever dream that you are thinking those thoughts… by the way… she’s right you know… save your design for a gal pals get together. *U* Kathleen

  10. Billie J says:

    You are too too funny. Both of the invitations are beautiful, but I do prefer the one without the baby bottle.

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