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Life is an adventure and more so with great and committed friends.  I had the honor of co-hosting a wedding shower last month.  The young lady who was the guest of honor is the daughter of a dear friend of mine.  We’ve been in a “Life Group” together for about 4 years now but have been friends and known each other much longer.  We’ve watched our kids grow up and watched many a basketball game together when our girls were on the same team. We’ve laughed, cried and prayed together for each other and our families.

When I decided to host this wedding shower I wasn’t quite sure how I would decorate or what decorations I would be able to find.  The wedding colors are navy blue and a beautiful shade of red violet.  Then a very good friend of mine, and business partner (I won’t tell them who you are, Kim!) suggested I get the Cricut Explore. Now I already had a Cricut Expression, and while I have used it for traditional scrapbooking, that was about all I used it for since I became totally digital. Its biggest job has been dust collecting.  When Kim told me about the Explore I had been looking into another machine.  She got on a video call with me and proceeded to show me just a few of the things it could do.  She happened to show me this just a couple days before I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder in November.  Of course I immediately ordered it and the rest is well…the rest of the story.

My Cricut Explore arrived about a week after my surgery. It came late one evening and my husband put the packing box in my office.  He told me he’d set it up the next evening for me when he got home from work. That morning while answering emails the machine started calling my name.  Yes, you know you’ve heard that call before, too! I began exploring how I could get this machine set up without using my left arm.  My arm was still in a HUGE sling and I promised not only my husband and doctor but a few mother hens I know that I would follow orders. (You know who you are). I don’t break promises so the challenge was before me.  I slit open the tape on the package with a package cutter, easy for one hand – so far so good – and then pulled open the top of the box. I was in luck.  There was a handle within the box on some inside package.  So with my good right arm grasping the handle and my foot on the box I lifted  this new techie/crafty toy right out of it’s packaging.  I couldn’t put it where the Expression had been because that would have required two hands or arms which I did not have use of.  I set it in front of my computer and next to my printer.  The next job was to plug it in and calibrate it.  This ended up being a very simple process and yes, one handed again! I was now ready to go.  My first project was a cute little box for my daughter and her University of Oklahoma friends. It would hold gift cards for Christmas.  Kim had to talk me through a couple “issues” and I was set.  The next project I decided would be decorations for the wedding shower.  Yes, it was two months away, but I wanted to get them checked off my list (surprising to my friends I know)before the holidays.  I looked thru some online images and they weren’t exactly what I was looking for so I decided to bring some images in from my digital content in Artisan. (No, Artisan does not sync with the Cricut Explore but we can hope one day!)  I added images from the Divine Wedding Digital Kit and Wedding Fresh Spring Digital Kit and images from my Cricut cartridges.  The coolest thing is I can use any font on my computer and that, let’s see, would only give me about 2800 options!

I’m so happy the way these table decorations turned out.  The table in front of my desk is the perfect location since the machine connects with my computer and printer. The bride has decided to reuse them on the bride and groom’s table at the reception.  This was a fun and easy project and another way to use digital content.  Please remember though that digital content is for personal use only.

Remember that life is an adventure with the good and the bad. We learn from it all.  Hug and love your family and friends and explore new ideas to keep on creating!


digital scrapbook layout, templates,, Artisan


CONTENT USED: A Peacock Christmas MEGA Bundle and Birthday Bliss Bundle – Jumpstart Designs

Divine Wedding Digital Kit and Divine Digital Overlays- Creative Memories at the Panstoria Store

Fonts: Albemarle Swash, Copperplate Gothic Light, Adobe Ming Std L


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9 Responses to BLOG: Another Use For Digital Content

  1. When I was at the P2P Virtual Crop with Kim, I saw some of the projects she did with her Cricut. She has convinced me that it is a purchase I need to make. Just as I was about to purchase my new Cricut, I saw that they will be releasing a new Cricut Explore soon, so I have decided to wait for the new one to come out! I can’t wait!

  2. Sandy says:

    This looks amazing! I totally understand what you went through being one handed. I have been that way since surgery last week. There are so many things that just get set aside. But there are so many others that we do by adapting our habits. I hope that you have healed from your surgery. I’m on my way to get my results.

  3. Kaye Rhodes says:

    This peaks my interest in the Cricut Explore! DANGER ZONE!

  4. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Your enthusiasm about the Cricut Explore has sparked an interest in me. Guess I will go have a look at it!!

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