I can hardly believe it, but I have been a Pixie for a year! This time last year I was just dipping my toe in the water – hoping that “It’s alright, once you’re in!” would hold true. Hoping I wouldn’t make a goose of myself in my first week. Hoping I could live up to my own expectations, as well as those of the ladies who had invited me to join them!

Well, what an amazing, crazy, thrilling, challenging ride it has turned out to be! I have learnt SO much, been stretched, dragged out of my comfort zone, experienced the highs and the lows, done things I never imagined I would be doing, and it has all been so incredibly rewarding. I am so enormously thankful to my fellow p2P team members for welcoming me in, trusting me, supporting me, pushing me on, patiently explaining things… but mostly for opening up their hearts to me. Really quite a remarkable thing when you consider I have personally met only 3 of the team! I am astonished at the creativity, the drive, the doggedness, the genuine warm-heartedness, the passion of this disparate team. We have laughed together, cried together, shared one another’s joys and sadnesses, struggles and triumphs, illnesses, mishaps and recoveries. We’ve had late night meetings and early starts (one of the trials of being a global company is finding a time to meet when we are all awake!). Like any team, we have our disagreements, but we’ve learnt from one another’s differences and seen (and learnt to value) how we complement each other.

I’d like to pay tribute to everyone on the team – to Jan for her steady hand on the tiller and good sense, and for dealing with the logistics so well; to Anne for her self-deprecating, mother-hen care and ability to make anything into Pixie Dust; to Shelley for bearing with the countless IT frustrations and still being across everything else and able to keep producing gorgeous pages; to Juzzi for her enormous heart and willingness to share her expertise so freely; to Kim for her creative enthusiasm and willingness to consider the practicalities; to Penny for her voice of reason and brilliant story-telling abilities; to Tameka for her go-get-’em attitude and amazing design skills; to Kerrianne for her stunning artistic eye and plain-speaking; to Janice for her humour and care and excellent eye for detail; and to Mary for her boundless energy and perseverance through difficulties. All of us are different, but together – what a team!

I guess in that respect, we are a little bit like a family. Everyone might jostle around a bit to find their place, but mostly we are a team, all pulling together and helping each other along. And something that has made this all so much easier is that I really felt like family even before I became a Pixie. That’s because this amazing team has built an incredible community of scrappers around them – a community that shares our values and our goals. I’ve experienced it first hand, both as a customer and now a Pixie – the amazing bond of friendship and mutual support that develops between people who are passionate about capturing their memories and creating something beautiful and heartfelt for future generations to enjoy. There is an expansiveness in this community, a generosity of spirit, a camaraderie that makes it really special. That bond creates trust, and believe me, all of us on the p2P Team value that trust tremendously and will do our utmost never to betray it.

We’ve had a sometimes tumultuous journey to get where we are today. There have been changes in the digi scrapping world which we have weathered together, and there will be changes in the future which we are better equipped to handle because of our shared experience. My little journey is not so different to any of ours – as we negotiate new challenges, try new things, step outside our comfort zones and learn to manage our insecurities along the way. My hope is that there will be many more years ahead of sharing, creativity and fun together. So thank you, one and all, for sharing this journey with me!

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5 Responses to Blog: Has it really been a year?

  1. Sue Thoenes says:

    Thanks for being a Pixie, Alison. I love all of the Pixies and I appreciate you and all that you do for us!!!

  2. Justine says:

    Thank you for dipping your toes in and becoming a part of this beautiful family Alison. It is so good to have you here 🙂

  3. Ruth Bell says:

    You have been a great addition to the team, Alison. I appreciate your comments – finding spelling mistakes and other comments that make our pages better. Love your blueprints as well!

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