JG_BlogHeaderThis week’s Day2Day theme is “I need ……”. For those of us taking a photo each day and participating in the Day2Day project, there are lots of things we could take photos of that occur during each day that would fit into this theme. For those of you who aren’t doing the Day2Day project – why not participate when you see a theme that you could focus on to fit into your albums? The prompts each week are fabulous “kick starters” to a layout – and could end up becoming a meaningful page in  your yearly album – or a page in a project that’s just about you! There have been just 3 days so far for this week, and I’ve already started my page layout (just as I’m writing my blog this very moment just before it publishes!), so I’ll be ahead when the 7 days are up with my planning (this doesn’t happen very often!). Here is what I’ve photographed so far this week, and the layout I’m working on is coming together:


There are  many things I can think of that I need in my life, and things that may just make the world a better place (not just the wants, the actual needs). Some of those needs are awfully tricky to photograph – so I think I’ll add a list this week to my Day2Day page of 7 photos. I have typed it up to put on my page to look back on later to see if I’ve taken any of my own advice! This is what I’ve come up with so far, but it may change before the week is out. Just by typing up this list, I have thought of other photo opportunities that may just present themselves before the week is out!


I would like to challenge everyone to create a page this week on what you need in your life – not just those of you participating in taking a photo each day and completing Day2Day pages. I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with on our Facebook page.

Content used: 12×12 Day2Day 2015 Kit – pixels2Pages
Catching a Moment Add On Kit, Catching A Moment Scrap Kit – Laura Burger Designs

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6 Responses to Blog: I need …

  1. Terry Vachowski says:

    This is a harder theme than they sometimes are, less concrete, but once I started thinking about it, it started coming together.

  2. Donna Ames says:

    Thank you so much for the ideas. I’ve been struggling with what to take pictures of to fit the things I’ve been thinking of. You are so right about what we really “need”.

  3. junegauntley says:

    So true, Janice….what we NEED is very different than what we WANT!! I have been thinking about my D2D page for this week along those lines too. Thank you for your thoughtful blog!

  4. Karen says:

    So true Janice. “I need” is a very open topic and much easier to list than to take pictures of. Week ten will prove a very interesting week to see what shows up for pictures.

  5. Kristeen says:

    Since I have a pedi scheduled for Friday I might have to snag your idea for that photo!

  6. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Thanks for the nudge!

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