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It’s no secret, I LOVE coffee! I drink coffee every day. Plenty of people do. But, one of my most favourite things to do is go out for coffee. There is nothing better than sitting down to enjoy a freshly brewed, frothy cappuccino or latte. My hubby has turned into a bit of a ‘coffee snob’ (yes that is an actual term!) He orders beans online, grinds and presses his own brews every day. So now when we go out for coffee, he rates the place. Not based on how comfy their chairs are, but on their coffee!! He buys the beans if they are good and takes them home to use. A few weeks ago he was nearly out of two different beans, so he decided to mix them both and make a ‘blend’. So now the fun is in the mixing of his favourite beans and brands to make new blends and naming them!!

There could be worse things to be addicted to, but a big part of both of us loving it so much is that we take the time to go out together and enjoy the coffee and company! A lot of the time it is also associated with a shopping trip or day out vintage shopping or market scouring.

And of course then there’s the photos. I always take photos of my coffee! I could probably make an entire book just out of coffee designs!


Laura Burger: Lavender Fields Scrap Kit

Font: 1942 Report

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  1. Nanette Shipman says:

    What fun coffees! Great layout! I wish I could find more places around here that employ that artistic touch. It adds to the enjoyment. I’ve always been more of a tea person, but do enjoy the “coffees” too…… long as I can adorn them with plenty of milk and flavorings! And the best places are usually the little independent ones, if you are lucky enough to have some around.

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