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What an exciting way to start a new month – yesterday was DOWNLOAD DAY!!  Did you get your new Blueprints and Pixie Dust yet? And on Friday, our third issue of Pages online magazine hit the internet.  The theme of this giant issue is Home and Family, so there should be something of interest for everyone.  We hope you enjoy perusing the magazine and that you share it with your friends.  And of course, we hope you are inspired!


Last month, we became affiliate marketers for two new merchants, and we think those of you who are hybrid or ‘tradigital’ scrappers will be happy to hear about them.  We are proud to promote Cricut and SVG Cuts, and would appreciate it if you click through our affiliate links before you purchase from them.  Cricut makes electronic cutting machines that are able to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, leather, and more, and SVG cuts makes incredible cutting files that can be used with the Cricut.  Read more about how Kim uses her Cricut HERE.

You may have noticed that we have begun sending short weekly emails to let you know what’s going on at pixels2Pages.  You’ll want to make sure you’re on our mailing list, so if you don’t get an email from us this week, please let us know ( or comment below.  Since you’ll be hearing from us more often, Rabbit, Rabbit is back to being more of a look back at the previous month instead of also trying to let you know all that’s coming up.  So, with no further ado, let’s look back at the month of February at pixels2Pages.  The headings are links to the content described.

Just one more thing before we look back – word has it that more Creative Memories content will be available in the Panstoria Store soon!  Those of you who want to round out your collection or who may have missed out on some kits before will want to stay tuned!

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….for those who like to learn by doing


244: Merged Shapes by Janice

245: Mosaic Papers by Justine

246: Invisible Outlines by Kim

247: Layered Corner Title by Mary

PageLines- Icons14.jpg


….for those who like to learn by reading



Artisan Tip: Where Are My Art Kits by Shelley

Historian Tip: Selecting Multiple Images by Shelley

Artisan Tip: What Kit Is that From? by Shelley

Journaling Tip: Prompts to Pique Your Imagination by Anne


PageLines- Icons11.jpg


…for those who like shortcuts to gorgeous pages



DPS: Beach Memories (22 photos) by Anne

DPS: Molly (5 photos) by Janice

DPS: Hobart (15 photos) by Kerrianne

Single: Family Circle (4 photos) by Kim

Single: Homosassa Springs (9 photos) by Penny

Single: Horsemania (4 photos) by Justine


  PageLines- Icons24.jpg    Videos:

…for those who like to learn by watching and those who like to see the designer’s creative process in action


Start2Finish: A Perfect Day at the Beach by Anne

Video Tidbit: Ribbon Magic by Mary

Video Tidbit: Desktop Backgrounds by Kim

Video Tidbit: Create Your Own Digital Canvas by Kerrianne



PageLines- Icons15.jpg

    Pixie Dust:

…for those who love a little extra digital content



Each month, one of our Pixie Dust Collections is a sampling of designs from one of the talented Panstoria Designers.  This month, Janet Carr of Little Feet Digital Designs by Janet Carr is sharing some of her Coffee Shoppe creations.  We hope you enjoy this exciting new offering, and remember that you can purchase the full kit in the Panstoria Store.  As always, we appreciate when you click through our affiliate link before purchasing.

Patterns of Place by Justine

Coffee Shoppe by Little Feet Digital Designs by Janet Carr




Project Studio:

Home Is Where the Heart Is, led by Janet Carr of Little Feet Digital Designs and by our own Kerrianne Hobbs.  This class is available for purchase: $24 for p2P members and $30 for non-members.  Included with this class are:



3 Videos

2 DPS Blueprints

Home Is Where the Heart Is Sampler Kit

6 Handouts

A closed Facebook group ‘classroom’ (classroom will remain open, but instructors are not available daily after 15 February 2015)

NOTE: It’s not too late to enjoy this class.  While the official classroom interaction ended last month, everything you need will be there!  Be sure to read all about the project in Pages magazine!




    p2P LIVE:

…for those who enjoy working with a group of real people



p2P LIVE Healdsburg, CA was held last month, and a good time was had by all!

Coming up this month: p2P LIVE Silverton, OR with Mary Browder



PageLines- Icons6.jpg

 Checklists and Handouts:

…for those who don’t want to miss a thing!


New Digital Content (in the Panstoria Store) by Anne

Blueprint Checklists by Shelley


  Blog_IconBehind the Globe blog posts:

….for those who want to get to know the pixels2Pages team



Rabbit, Rabbit February 2015 by Jan
Shelley’s Scribbles: Guardians of a Dying Art (pardon the pun)
A New Chapter: Back Off, Meka!
Happy Talk by Jan: Puppy Love
Pooh’s Putterings by Anne: More Favorite Things
The Buzz by Mary: Another Use for Digital Content
Kim’s Blog: Crafting with My Cricut
Justine’s Blog: Random, Gorgeous Moments
Penny’s Blog: Be My Valentine
Janice Gee’s Journal: I Need…..
A Little Birdie Told Me by Kerrianne: The Perfect Cup
Words and Pictures by Alison: Has It Really Been a Year?

March Calendar

And here is what you can expect this month, with thanks to Tameka for the calendar and its handy check boxes:


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4 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit – Hopping into March

  1. carolyn says:

    Hi Jan, I was wondering if I started my subscription to p2P at the very beginning how many pieces of Pixie Dust would I have? Blueprints? I did not start at the beginning and I stop for a few months in the middle. So I have almost 1700 pieces of pixie dust and 405 12×12 BPs. Thanks Pixies!! Luv you all!

    • Jan says:

      I have no idea, Carolyn! I could probably get an estimate on Blueprints, but I’m not sure about Pixie Dust. I will ask the team – there may be someone more organized than I am (haha – all 10 others are more organized than I am!)

  2. Corene says:

    I am embarrassed to say that I am not able to figure out the magazine. Each time I click on something, it just increases the image in size and does not link. Am I supposed to be logged somewhere or have an account with issuu? Thank you.

    • Jan says:

      No need to be embarrassed, Corene! It’s new to all of us! HERE is a video that Tameka did that should help. It’s on our Facebook page (left side, scroll down to ‘Videos’) for future reference.

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