Those of us who started scrapbooking traditionally probably remember the very first page we did. I remember I was so excited I couldn’t sleep for planning all the albums I wanted to make! I so loved that page and proudly showed it to everyone! That was many years ago, and I have long since realised that page wasn’t quite as beautiful as I thought it was! I think I cut each photo into a different shape, and I crammed onto that page as many photos & stickers as I could possibly fit!

It took me quite a while to discover my own style, and to have the confidence to resist fads and fashions and maintain my style. That’s not to say I won’t try anything new! I love being pushed out of my comfort zone, and trying techniques or layouts that I never would have come up with on my own, but I still tend to interpret those new ideas through the filter of knowing what works for me and my photos.

My natural style is pretty simple. I love textured papers, few embellishments, neutral colours. I love to put lots of photos on pages, but also to highlight favourite photos by enlarging them on the page. My pages tend to feature symmetry and straight lines – I feel very brave when I tilt a photo!

Kenya 2 - Page 018 Ephesus_Celsus Food

Since working with my talented partners at pixels2Pages, I’ve learned so much, and been stretched in ways I never thought possible! Surrounding yourself with creative people is the best way to develop your own creativity. I thought it might be fun for my blog this month to look at each of my pixie partners and see if I can put my finger on the distinguishing characteristics of their personal styles. You’ll see that there are as many styles as there are Pixies – and that although we all do have our own style and favourite techniques, we are all open to trying new ideas from time to time. One of the things I enjoy is browsing through the page we post on our Facebook page, where we might have used the same Blueprint or Challenge, but the pages look quite different as each person puts their own interpretation on their pages. I’ve chosen 3 recent pages from each person which are fairly typical of their usual style, and described them in alphabetical order (no favourites here!).

I hope you’ll enjoy this little gallery. I’d love to know what your personal style is, and whether you agree with my assessment of my team-mates.

Anne loves to “tweak”. A talented artist, Anne puts her own creative stamp on every page she creates. Her food themed Pixie Dust is legendary, and she loves using shapes and colours to create elements for her pages. It is rare that a Blueprint looks quite as it was designed once Anne has added her special touch!

1517504_10152329934516106_5858084072900539821_n 10451141_10152482854511106_1868830735996421908_n 10653469_10152483710591106_8983690284430099736_n

Alison has a way of creating very simple pages that ooze elegance and style. She is an excellent writer and the journaling on her pages reflects that. She adds little touches to pages that make them stand out from the crowd.

541547_10152314037716106_4424514362868986125_n 1479241_10152483140356106_182815776620451292_n 10686664_10152476786971106_3671235088115332241_n

You will rarely find lots of embellishments on Jan‘s pages, but that doesn’t mean they lack creativity. She chooses designs that perfectly complement her photos, and she is a whiz with the cutting tools in Artisan, drawing inspiration from things she has seen in her travels, and expertly translating those into page designs.

530057_10151004920701106_1743619035_n 1978511_10152237734556106_5770841645275173441_o 10007018_10151966279076106_5850712043877032405_n

Janice creates unmistakable uncluttered pages. She has the knack of placing just a few elements on a page and creating a cohesive design. Janice’s Day2Day pages are legendary, as she faithfull chronicles her daily life.  Nothing ever seems out of place on Janice’s pages.

934834_10152458277811106_8460098797911895085_n 10422530_10152401788061106_5185952511261768753_n 10959538_10152493650481106_4038329860341943880_n

Justine‘s pages often feature “white space” which results in simple pages which feature her stunning photography with no distractions. Her pages have a casual elegance created by the balance between the photos, journaling and restful space.

10454986_10152370965506106_2696912355920013927_o 10644455_10152254230711106_3288104119829984436_o 10675783_10152301787426106_6234145229589127889_n

Kerrianne has a knack of finding the perfect embellishments and placing them perfectly on her pages. She loves to feature a single photo on a page, and highlight it with papers, embellishments and word art. Kerrianne is a natural artist, and it shows on her pages.

7579_10152276540666106_7694566640728835633_n 10873471_10152387403051106_5989160389562451793_o 11029548_10152537983596106_4524750172267931316_n

Kim tends to cluster and layer lots of elements on her pages. She loves to add creative treatments of her photos, and makes full use of digital art kits in a fun and creative way.

1453486_10152375977791106_2772283091858035059_n 10289811_10152263249391106_6714756214521161779_n 10845924_10152366148416106_2591182000076558237_n

Mary loves to layer. She uses papers, overlays and embellishments to create depth and detail on her pages. Unless you watch her work, you wouldn’t realise how many different elements are on her pages because of the way she pulls them together on the page in a cohesive design. Mary finds new ways to use the content in her stash so she has unlimited supplies.

10608561_10152336402506106_2807453935592070160_o 10675525_10152482657111106_3586044948065797823_n 10683479_10152250794471106_4924035049017803954_o

Penny is a great writer, and her pages reflect that, with plenty of journaling, and photos which reflect a writer’s keen observation of the world around her. Penny’s pages are all about the story, and she uses embellishments and papers judiciously to enhance the impact of the photos and journaling. Blog Handknit PMP 10458847_10152329344206106_2978445349581111383_n 10898108_10152435679941106_2251341538558799434_n

Tameka has a knack for finding ways to do things with Artisan to create clever effects that look fabulous on pages. Every page she makes is a work of art, relying more on technique and creativity than lots of digital content.

1465767_10152312162226106_2408948479464981160_o 10897132_10152471780736106_4031373334109324791_n 10915693_10152463331491106_5755782044144865518_o

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at our personal scrapping styles. Life would be pretty dull if we were all the same, right? As a team we all have different strengths and I know my pages are 1000% better for working with and learning from this amazing bunch!!

P.S. Please don’t ask which kits are used on these pages! There are too many to list them all, and all these pages can be found on our Facebook page. You don’t need to join Facebook to scroll through our albums there.

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23 Responses to Blog: Find Your Style

  1. Shirley Bennett says:

    I remember cutting all my photos round or oval!! I have got over that
    Great blog

  2. Karen Jones says:

    I loved looking at your comparisons and comments. It helps validate my ow particular style

  3. Deanna Emmert says:

    Love this! I am also one who tends to avoid much embellishment as I believe the photos and journaling should tell the story! So I see most of my style (if indeed I have one) in several Pixies. Love the travel ideas too. We will be heading up to Mt. Rainier in Washington State this summer and we want to travel light so I’m thinking SD cards and a journal to write in will suit me pretty well. Thanks so much for this blog, Shelley! 🙂

  4. Liz Propst says:

    Best blog ever. Every new scrapper needs to see this comparison of styles and how when you keep the photos as most important AND if you like what you create …. then the page is perfect….for ME. There is not a right way to scrapbook as you so clearly pointed out!! I’ll be sharing this blog post at the scrapbook retreat that I lead in April. Thanks!!

  5. gayneal says:

    I love your side-by-side comparisons of each Pixie’s style! One thing I have noticed while viewing pages on other sites, is that for the Pixies the photos are always the focus! Other scrap pages seem to focus on the content and have such busy, clustered pages I have to hunt for the photograph. So glad you all are my mentors!

  6. Kaye Rhodes says:

    GREAT blog! I really appreciate the difference in each Pixie’s style and it was a good learning tool to see great examples in one place. Thank you, Pixies, for all you do to share your beautiful work and inspire us!

  7. Karen says:

    I’m not really sure what my style actually is anymore as I love everyone’s challenges and pages and try them all. I find that the p2P Team gives inspiration and makes me step outside my comfort zone many times a month. I find that if I hit a slump then all I need to do is to walk through the Face Book postings and the road block clears. Looking back through eight years of digital books I will say that my style has evolved as I have learned from the Pixies. Keep up the good work.

  8. Fran Arcoria says:

    I have a question directed to Mary, please. Mary, I looked thru your Italy book when you released it in awe. It was magnificent…everything about it. Im not sure which I enjoyed more-journaling, pics, kits, embellishments. It all blended so well. Esp loved the final page (?) with pics of the food dishes!
    Hubby and I will be embarking on a bucket list cruise vacation in couple of months seeing sights we have longed to visit for quite awhile. We will both be packing cameras and clicking away which means lots lots of pics! I am trying to not bring my laptop for uploading daily into MM4, thus emptying film cards (yes I still haven’t upgraded) but am not sure what other option there is. So Im directing my ?? to you as you and your hubby recently set out on a long trip too.
    Have you some suggestions so we can keep clicking thruout our 3 weeks but not weigh us down with the laptop? I may have access to small tablet and can easily buy a small passport EHD…
    Your input would be greatly appreciated.
    And Shelley, sorry to have highjacked your blog but I saw Marys pics and it reminded me of our dilemma.
    Thanks much Ladies

    • Shelley says:

      Fran, I might hijack back, as Mary is at a retreat for a few days, and share what I do. My first suggestion is to take LOTS of memory cards. Buy good ones, but nothing over 16GB – you can fit plenty of images on that size, but if you go too big, they cost more, and if you lose or damage one, that’s a lot of lost photos. I usually travel with a laptop, but if that’s not an option, a tablet can work. You will need a device so you can access your camera or memory card from the tablet. You’ll also need to do some sums, and work out how many photos you expect to take, and how much space you’ll need on the tablet. The advantage of that is that you can view your images while you are on the road. An EHD is only useful if it is connected to a computer. There are Portable Storage Devices, but they don’t come cheap. If you expect to have internet access while you travel (and most places do these days), an option is to use something like Dropbbox, and upload your images for storage there. You will need access to a computer with a card reader to do that. Depending on where you are travelling, most computer or camera stores offer a service where they can burn your images to DVD. As you can see, no ideal solution, which is why I travel with a laptop! Hope that helps. I will make sure Mary sees this too, she (or others) may have more ideas.

      • Fran Arcoria says:

        Shelley.. THANKS so much. When I mentioned tablet I was thinking more of small computer with limited memory thinks its called notebook with small memory. My bad! Using it as a vehicle to move pics from memory card to EHD. Its my sons and I know it only its small capacity so I cant scrap on it. 🙁 But its lite weight so lugging thru Venice and Barcelona may be ideal??? We are cruising with different port on almost every day so having access to transfer facilities is prob not feasible.
        Anyone else have thoughts? Id love to hear!! Ive got some time to figure it out and shop sales for extra film cards.

        • Shelley says:

          Ah! A notebook computer with a new EHD is an excellent solution. If you are cruising (lucky you!) you can leave it plugged in in your cabin and upload your photos every day. Ideally if you can take enough memory cards I still would, so you have 2 copies of your photos, and don’t need to erase any memory cards.

          When will you be in Venice? I’m heading there soon myself for a few days.

    • Cindy Rold says:

      Fran, I travel extensively for 2-3 weeks at a time and I take thousands of photos on each trip I just rely on my memory cards and don’t transfer the photos to anything until I get home. I haven’t had any issues in years of travel.

  9. debbie says:

    Very fun to read!

  10. adakallen says:

    This is a Terrific Blog!

    With a new batch of wedding pictures to scrapbook and a challenge from my daughter to make a page for Ellie and a page for Reagan of their flower girl pictures you have just given me a huge reminder of so many things that I can do with all these pictures.

    Once again you are my inspiration hero!


  11. Asmaan says:

    Absolutely LOVED today’s blog!…I have my own little competition with myself on BP release day where I try to guess which BP is whose and I am correct 99% of the time!! 🙂

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