Time and time again I hear tales of why someone doesn’t scrapbook.  Memory preservation is ingrained in me, so when someone says to me… “I don’t have time”, “I am not as creative as you”, “My pictures are all saved on the computer”, “I will never forget this event” etcetera etcetera, all sorts of red flags  come to me.

I don’t have time usually means that they have heard the tales of the layout that took 24 hours and $100 to create.

I am not as creative as you means I don’t want my memories to look like yours.  I am not into all of that.   I just want my story told, but your creativity intimidates me.

My pictures are all saved on the computer usually means I can’t be bothered putting my photos in any type of order.  When my friends come over I will show them all my photos on my phone or on my computer and I will stand over them the entire time and narrate the details of the who, what, when and where unless someone can help me get my photos off the computer and into albums with little effort and at reasonable cost.

I will never forget this event…  Chances are you already have.  The minute you leave an event, you have already forgotten small details.  The sooner you get your story told, the more complete your story will be.   10 years from now, those little details you swore you would never forget are somehow very fuzzy in your mind.

Preserving, organizing and telling your story is a very personal thing but it is easy to tell your story.  The first thing you need to do is be yourself.   Don’t let someone tell you how to scrapbook, let them show you how to get your memories into albums.  pixels2Pages is in the business of self empowerment.  We show you how to use the tools.  We give you ideas to ponder.  We support YOUR decisions.

To get started scrapbooking the very first thing you need to do is DECIDE THAT YOUR MEMORIES ARE WORTH IT!  Then you must get focused.  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.   What is your focus?  The focus is always something or someone that is important to you in some way.  In the digital era, we take thousands of photos and only choose a handful.  However, each and every photo that was taken was important to you for whatever reason when it was taken.  That broken window you photographed…it was important because you needed to send it to the insurance adjuster so that the window could get fixed.  That diamond ring you photographed was important because it symbolized love.   That not so random building you photographed, it was important because you met your best friend there.  Decide what you want to focus on for your first page… family, love, achievement, bereavement…. anything goes.  Just print the pictures.

2. How did it make you feel?  When you were having the photo taken…when you look at the photo…when you think back on that special memory.  Write down how it made you feel.  You might feel joy.  Maybe you feel aggravation, sorrow, delight… WRITE IT DOWN. Sometimes a pen and paper (or keyboard and computer) is the only friend you need.  Telling your story can be the best therapy whether you think you need it or not.

3. Embellish.  Do it YOUR WAY.  That way can be with no embellishment at all.  Photos and your story and you are done.  Anyone reading this undoubtedly knows how much you can embellish a page and that everyone’s style is varied.  I don’t need to reinforce that here.   What needs to be said is that it is okay to not use any embellishment at all.  If adding a sticker to your page is going to send you over the edge….DON’T DO IT!  This is your story after all.  No one tells it better than you.  We should see it through your eyes…and if that is on an unembellished page…so be it!

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Happy Cropping!  Tah Tah.

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6 Responses to Blog: Scrapbooking Is Easy As 1…2…3!

  1. Asmaan says:

    Excellent advice Tameka. Thank you!

  2. Karen says:

    As Debbie says, its very good advice. Really, if all your pictures are on the computer, how hard is it the pull into a Blue Print and add the story. Someday, your grandchildren will be happy that you took the time to leave written memories. No time the present to teach your children how to help after all it is for them to. Using a digital program and Artisan in particular is so much easier than printing your pictures and bring out all your papers, embellishments, cutting tools . . . by the time I had that all out, it was time to put it away!

  3. Barbara says:

    Checked out the beautiful albums on the issuu pages. Shelley, in your Turkey Book, the page with the Bees, what paper and kit is that from? Your book was wonderful.

    Thank you.

  4. Very good advice, Tameka. I tell my friends the same thing!

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