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What is the reality of the pictures we take and/or use in our layouts for our books? Are we just showing what we want people to see?  I don’t really want an answer from you, but wanted to share a few pictures from my recent trip to Los Angeles and a couple pictures that well, are a little different than how someone might see them, and one that shows why I love Artisan software.

My daughter recently moved to Los Angeles and I took a trip out to spend a few days with her.  It was so much fun seeing where she lives, works, and worships. I met some of her friends and enjoyed breakfast with one friend who took time out of her busy schedule to join us. I also had the pleasure of having dinner with a longtime friend of mine.  Tina and I met in 2001 on an Incentive Trip with Creative Memories. We ate dinner then, too, at the Santa Barbara Bowl. We laughed that Tina, her husband and I were all born at the same hospital in California, albeit a few years apart! Although we’ve touched base we haven’t seen each other since 2002. What fun it was to introduce my daughter to her and vice versa.

My daughter and I ran lots of errands between her time on her job and she showed me lots of fun places she likes for food and coffee. Who knew she’d become such a coffee connoisseur! We also tried out a couple places she had not yet tried. My last day there she wanted to take me to the beach and more cafes she wanted to try. I gotta say, talking directions on the phone are awesome! My flight didn’t leave til mid-afternoon so we started with coffee (tea for me).  After that stop and her thumbs up on that coffee house we went to breakfast at Huckleberry’s Cafe.  We wanted more than one thing so decided to split everything we wanted. We actually only purchased three items but wanted a lot more! We had a maple bacon biscuit, blueberry ciabatta, and something on the menu called Green Eggs and Ham.  Glad we split it all as we were quite full after that.  Off to Santa Monica Pier and the first “misleading” photo.  If you’ll notice the large picture of the two of us taken at an angle (which I LOVE) that Laura took…we’re almost the same height.  We took lots of photos.  We couldn’t get Laura, me and the sign in the same photo.  Laura is 5’8″ (1.73 meters) and I’m 5’1″ (1.55 meters) and we just couldn’t get everything in.  Then Laura had a brilliant idea.  If you look at the picture below the big one I’m actually sitting on a large concrete block.  The funny part is I couldn’t get up on it because 1. I was too short just to hop up and 2. I’m still recuperating form a shoulder injury and couldn’t push with that arm. Laura, not one to give up so easily, squats down for me to climb on her leg and sit!  Good daughter I say! So we ended up with our great shot!  I will however put both pictures in my book because my family always loving teases me about my height! I believe they’re actually jealous because I don’t have to bend down when under the bulkhead in a plane. I can stand up straight!

The next “edited” picture is the Venice sign hanging over the street.  As we  were driving away from Venice Beach I snapped this photo.  I tried to whip around in my seat to snap it from the front but there was a truck behind us blocking the shot.  Then I realized I could fix it when I got home and just enjoyed the drive to the airport.  Years ago when I was printing pictures I might have made her stop so I could get one from the perfect angle.  Actually there’s no might to it. I would have made her stop! When I got home I dropped the picture into the blueprint and went to the Arrange Ribbon and flipped it!  Now you can read it the way I wanted it. Thank goodness for Artisan and Historian software.

I can encourage you to enjoy family and friends, both while traveling and staying home.  Don’t fret over every picture you take.  You can edit in the software and change the image.


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3 Responses to Blog: Does a Picture Always Show Reality?

  1. Tina Messick Hudgens says:

    Awwww so amazing! I loved loved meeting up with you too and meeting your daughter. I hope with her living in Los Angeles there will be many more lunches, dinners and get togethers too! Such a great post too about photos…. awwww all the amazing things you can do with digital, I love it.

  2. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    Great story!! Love the pics! My daughter lives in San Diego and I love visiting!!

  3. sistersunshine says:

    More proof that the ‘story’ behind the photos is VERY important. *U* Kathleen

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