Have you ever been missing content that you knew was installed in the software? Everything has a place in Artisan. This video will give you an overview of where to find specific types of content and explain why sometimes your content goes missing. The first step of learning how to manage content that you own.

Where is My Content? [5:58 mins]


This Video Tidbit was originally created for pixels2Pages members. It is now available free of charge to complement our Getting Started with Artisan 5 program. For more beginner lessons in Artisan 5 software click HERE.

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10 Responses to Video Tidbit: Where’s My Content

  1. toni mcdonnell says:

    i am having the same problem Karla mentioned in Question 2-3, which you did not answer. I do not use a whole pre-designed book kit, but I want some of the pages. My way around this is to use the pre-designed book, then delete some of pages and add a blank page. Is this the proper way? or is there a simpler way?

  2. Laureen says:

    Great explanation. You are soooooo good Tameka. What can I say? Hugs.

  3. Karla Covington says:

    Hi Tameka,
    I have watched/read several tips on this site about content. They are useful and have helped me to understand how Artisan utilizes file folders. I am still having issues with seeing/accessing my pre-designed pages and/or blueprints from within a project when I want to change page templates. I checked that I do not have nested folders. I can see all my kits within manage content. I am just not able to see or select blueprints or pre-designed pages consistently. 1) When starting a new project, say a book, I do not get all pre-designed options when setting up a book. 2) If I start a new “blank” book and try to change the page template, I get no choices from “add a page” or “change template” from artkit or computer. 3) If I start a book with a template, when I try to change, I see choices only some in the directory where the initial template was located (e.g. only see other creative memory choices but no blueprints checking from artkit as well from computer options). The end result is that I have many (blueprint mainly) kits that I am not able to utilize. I have upgraded to Artisan 5, any ideas what to try next?

    • Tameka says:

      Are these membership Blueprints that you are referring to? You don’t see these within Artisan content manager. You have to select “Add template from computer” to view your membership Blueprints. Only .pakits (almost always from the Forever Store) will be viewable within the software. Membership Blueprints are not .pakits, they are individual page files.

    • Billie Meyers says:

      Hi, Tameka,

      Hey – Me too! Have never had this problem till today. I have NOT upgraded to the NEW Artisan 5 because there are too many problems w it so far and I have a lot of projects already in progress in A5 preupdate. All of a sudden (despite restarts, etc.) I am experiencing the same thing as Karla was above. I have no blueprints, just trying to access premade templates both built-in and comercial. They ALL show i content manager, but only the 2 I most recently used show up when I try to change a template. Help! This seemed to all be okay 2 weeks ago when I saw you in Tapa . . . Thanks!

      • Tameka says:

        Hi Billie. Karla’s comment is 2 years old. She was referring to her membership Blueprints which have never, and will never be able to be seen within the software unless you purchase a Blueprint .pakit. There is only 1 built in pre-made page kit and that is usually the default kit when you change your template. To access your other kit, you need to click the kit name (usually Basic White pre-designed pages) and that will give you access to find all of your other pre-designed kits. If you are still having issues, you should put in a support ticket at support@forever.com.

  4. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Hi Sweet Meka!

    My question relates to the video where you “access” your Fancy Fonts. You indicated that your Fancy Fonts contained over 800 fonts that were sold separately and also included within kits.

    How do I make them “show up” in my list of Fancy Texts to choose from? I have tagged each of those “extra” alphasets as either Numbers or ABC. Perhaps the fonts were there and I did not even know it!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Tameka says:

      You will have to go to “manage content” while having your main library folder selected. You can then limit your view to “alpha sets”. You can tag them from there.

      However, While in the fancy font tool, if you simply have “Library Folders” selected, it will reveal all of the alphasets you currently have installed whether they are stand alone, or part of a kit.

  5. Laurie Crawford says:

    Thanks Tameka for my morning coffee read.

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