JG_BlogHeaderAs some of you already know, my son has been getting his hours up on his Learner’s Permit to go for his driving test. Brief explanation: where I live, Learner Drivers are to have 120 hours driving time logged and signed off in a log book by supervising full licence holders (aka Mum), be 18 years of age, and have held their Learner’s Permit for at least 12 months. Included in that time there is to be no less than 10 hours of night driving and a preference for all road and weather conditions to be part of those 120 hours. The log book in and of itself is no easy task. So many lines to fill out, so many boxes to tick, hours to calculate, mileage to fill in – and if one little thing gets written down incorrectly – then a line needs to be ruled through, and the data re-entered – manually! It’s not computerised! Apart from all the stress and drama involved in sitting in the passenger street with an adolescent male, who knows absolutely everything there is to know about everything, the stress of filling out the log book correctly was added “cream on top”!!! I hope you can read sarcasm, insert rolling of eyes, and a few too many arguments throughout this long process! Then, you hear stories of the ones who didn’t even get to do their driving test because their log book was rejected. Plus, there are those that are instantly failed because they forgot to check all their mirrors before they start the car, indicate, and went over the speed limit before they left the car park. It’s not a cheap process, so I was holding my breath the whole time I knew Daniel was off doing his test.

To cut a long story short – he passed! He was so happy and relieved that just about everything went right during the test. So now – I have a red “P Plater” young male adult to deal with! The system is – new drivers have to display a red “P Plate” (P – Probationary) on the front and rear of the car for 12 months. There are restrictions as to how many passengers they can have in the car, as well as zero blood alcohol levels (if tested). After 12 months they then need to display a green “P Plate” for a further 24 months. After 3 years they are full licence holders.

I am extremely relieved that Daniel has his licence and can now drive himself to football training and pretty much anywhere else he wants to go. However, with that comes worry whenever he drives off – young male behind the wheel of a car, music on, window down, and me hoping that he is paying attention to everything that goes on around him while he is driving!

After getting his licence he managed 7 different trips in just 36 hours! He is loving the freedom!JG_Blog_25Mar2015

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12 Responses to Blog: On the Road to Independence

  1. Beverly Goodrich says:

    Ah. I feel your pain as my son just got his regular full license this week after about 2 years of logs. So wonderful to just let him go everywhere by himself.

    Love the picture. I need to take one of my son in his car. p.s. we gave him a “boat” – the biggest, oldest car. It is 2 years older than he is.

    • Janice says:

      It is nice not to have to do all the taxi runs Beverly. Daniel has to borrow one of the cars at the moment, which isn’t too much of a problem at the moment. I definitely think an older car is the way to go for their first car!

  2. Terry Vachowski says:

    Janice I hear your pain! Greg taught the girls and he said I had to teach the boys. The first time I got in the car with my son behind the wheel I almost fainted! Congratulations to Daniel and to your for surviving! That sounds like a great system with the plates for helping a new driver to stay safe. Love the page!

    • Janice says:

      Unfortunately there are still too many accidents involving “P-Platers”. Drivers seem to be far more considerate when the “L-Plates” are displayed, but far less so when they see a “P” – plus there is something about young male drivers, testosterone, and them being in control of a lethal weapon that just terrifies me!

  3. sistersunshine says:

    Oh Janice, SOOOOO MANY MEMORIES… with 9 kids (3 girls, 6 boys) the deal with my hubby was I do the boys he does the girls… Looking back I’m thinking I got a raw deal. It is worth it to not ‘have to’ make all those little runs to the store cause there’s ALWAYS someone who says, “I’ll go!” *U* Kathleen

  4. That’s quite a process! Glad you survived and that he passed everything!!!

  5. Karen Jones says:

    As a pain in the butt as it is, I wish we had something similar in the U.S. it would save a lot of teenage lives.

  6. adakallen says:

    Janice, I am laughing hysterically!
    In the recent weeks I have heard much of this same story from my daughter as she was helping her son get his hours/experience/etc. The funniest were when she would tell me about the tedious things and her comment “…Grant thinks these things are over-rated…!”. I told her to make her a check list of things that she knew were going to kill him if he didn’t do correctly and at the end of their drive show him how many he would fail. All said and done he passed his test Monday of this week! For the time being he will be sharing a car with mom (Dad and siblings have their own car), so the first thing she sent him alone to do out of his pocket was to fill up the car!
    I am so glad I can sit back and enjoy these stories and not be creating the same stories…I have been there and done that…four times!

    • Janice says:

      Oh Ada – I wish I had your advice when I needed it for Daniel! Writing a list of what would “kill him if he didn’t do it correctly” – would have been perfect! I have a daughter to get through this process. She hasn’t done her Learner’s test yet, and I’m not pushing it until she’s ready. I need a bit of a break!

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