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In less than a week, pixels2Pages will be celebrating its fifth anniversary, and that’s no April Fool’s!  That’s right, it was on 7 April 2010 that we launched the website that we’d been planning for months.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years – we’ve seen lots of changes and we are so grateful to you for sticking with us through them all.  If you are new to p2P, we hope you’ll be with us for another five years!

Speaking of changes, we’re making a change in our policy regarding posts to our Facebook page.  Starting today, here are the new guidelines for posting pages on the pixels2Pages Facebook page:

  • Pages must be created using only art kits available in the Panstoria store


  • Pages must include a credited p2P offering (like a Blueprint, Pixie Dust, video, challenge, or tip)

As always, we ask that you list all art kits used, both by name and by designer, as well as listing fonts used.  When relevant, please use the p2P hashtag or name the p2P offering that you used or that inspired your page.

We hope that this change will make it easier for you to share your beautiful pages on our Facebook page.  Just a reminder that you should always credit the content and Blueprints used in pages that you share online, regardless of where you share them.  This includes any other Facebook pages, Facebook timelines, Pinterest boards, other scrapbooking sites and other social media sites.  Thanks for sharing the digi love!

Join us for digital scrapbooking fun at www.pixels2Pages.netp2P Virtual Crop:

Since we’re in a celebratory mood, we thought we would have a Celebration Crop, and since National Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday in May (also known as Derby Day if you’re a Kentucky girl!), it seemed like the perfect time for our next virtual crop.  You will want to be a p2P member in time for this crop, which will start on May 1 and will end on May 3.  While anyone, member or not, can participate, the members-only goodies will knock your socks off!

To be clear: Free trial members and Back2Basics members are not eligible for crop goodies.  They will be available only to pixels2Pages members, so click HERE if you’d like to join.

Now let’s see what was posted on p2P in March – the headings are links to the content described:

PageLines- Icons21.jpg


….for those who like to learn by doing


248: Title Banner by Penny

249: Stylized Polaroids by Tameka

250: Colour Picker Pieces by Kerrianne

251: Cluster It by Janice

252: Going Round by Justine

PageLines- Icons14.jpg


….for those who like to learn by reading



Artisan Tip: Get the Angle Right by Shelley

Artisan Tip: Vertical Text by Shelley

Photography Tip: Break the Rules by Justine

Tech Tip: Download Your Facebook Data by Shelley

PageLines- Icons11.jpg


…for those who like shortcuts to gorgeous pages



DPS: Exploring Dubrovnik (9 photos) by Shelley

DPS: Florence and Pisa (19 photos) by Mary

DPS: Ponte Vecchio (4 photos) by Alison

Single: Baby Steps (15 photos) by Jan

Single: Ferry Ride (4 photos) by Tameka

Single: Kiawah (5 photos) by Anne

  PageLines- Icons24.jpg    Videos:

…for those who like to learn by watching and those who like to see the designer’s creative process in action


Start2Finish: Miss Penney by Kim

Video Tidbit: Glow Stencils  by Janice

Video Tidbit: Making Gingham by Anne

Video Tidbit: Design Principles: The Visual Triangle by Alison

PageLines- Icons15.jpg

    Pixie Dust:

…for those who love a little extra digital content

Each month, one of our Pixie Dust Collections is a sampling of designs from one of the talented Panstoria Designers.  This month, Jen Martakis of Jen Martakis Designs is highlighting her She Said and He Said kits.  We hope you enjoy this exciting new offering, and remember that you can purchase the full kits in the Panstoria Store.  As always, we appreciate when you click through our affiliate link before purchasing.  This link will take you directly to Jen’s designs.

He Said and She Said by Jen Martakis Designs

A-Ga-Do by Kerrianne

PageLines- Icons6.jpg

 Checklists and Handouts:

…for those who don’t want to miss a thing!


New Digital Content (in the Panstoria Store) by Anne

Blueprint Checklists by Shelley

  Blog_IconBehind the Globe blog posts:

….for those who want to get to know the pixels2Pages team


New this month: We’ve added categories for each p2P team member to make it easier for you to read her blogs.  You can find it on the teal menu bar on the website, or click any of the links below to go directly to each person’s blog posts.

Rabbit, Rabbit: Hopping Into March by Jan
Shelley’s Scribbles: Find Your Style
A New Chapter by Tameka: Scrapbooking is Easy as 1-2-3
Happy Talk by Jan: I Went to the Rodeo and Bought a Porch Swing
Pooh’s Putterings by Anne: Let’s Get Creative
The Buzz by Mary: Does a Picture Always Show Reality?
Kim’s Blog: I’ve Been HACKED!
Justine’s Blog: Je suis une mpakasary
Penny’s Blog: 100,000 Year Old Art Kits
Janice Gee’s Journal: On the Road to Independence
A Little Birdie Told Me by Kerrianne: Art Cards
Words and Pictures by Alison: The Joys of Vicarious Travel

Pages Magazine

The third issue of Pages magazine is ready for your viewing pleasure!  The theme for this issue is Home and Family.  Enjoy, and please share the link with your friends, customers, and clients.

 Social Media


Are you a Pinner?  If so, remember to stop by the p2P Pinterest boards.  You’ll find pins there for fun fonts, color palettes, Cricut projects, card ideas, and more!  Not sure how to use Pinterest for digital scrapbooking?  HERE‘s a great tip for you!

Affiliate Links

Just a reminder that you can find our affiliate links on the right-hand side of most every page on our website AND on our RESOURCES page.  The pixels2Pages team uses the products that we endorse, and we are compensated when you purchase them after clicking through our affiliate links.  It costs you nothing extra, and we appreciate your support.  In some instances, we receive complimentary products.  Rest assured we would not endorse something that we didn’t like!

April Calendar

And here is what you can expect this month, with thanks to Tameka for the calendar and its handy check boxes:

April 2015 Calendar


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9 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit – No Foolin’

  1. carolyn says:

    Love you Pixies!! I am looking forward to the Crop! Jan, I cannot believe you wonder if we read Rabbit, Rabbit. I eventually read all the blogs but I read this one as fast as I can.

  2. Karen Jones says:

    Though I understand the reasoning why you are requiring the pages only Panstoria content, I do not feel it is realistic for many club members to comply, or even want to comply. It is easy to identify a Panstoria kit if they are in a bundle. But I am not as fortunate as you, and cannot afford even a new set every month. So my creativity is limited. I have many things on my computer that I have no idea where I got them. Once again, you started something that we all did not have in the first place, and find it impossible to got back on.

    Second is the request for labeling where you got everything? Are you kidding??? I am doing this for the creative pleasure and not do worry about where everything came from and list it. I know you have said to list it in the outside of the page. Great. But I might change my image five times. It is burdensome to go and change the source every time, I just am not going to do it. This requirement reminds of my nursing days, and I am not going to go back to that documentation nightmare.

    Because of these restrictions, I will no longer post of the Facebook page. I never followed Pinterest, so I don’t know what activity is going on there. But I know that I am one of the few that post the challenges and lessons. So that is one or two posting downs a month.

    I hope you reconsider this position. It really takes the joy out of the process.

    • Jan says:

      Karen, it sounds like you may be confused by the change in our Facebook policy regarding posting pages on our wall. We actually relaxed the rules from what they were, now giving you an either/or choice.

      You may either post a page that uses content available in the Panstoria store (which includes former CM content) OR you may use any content that you like, as long as you have used and credit a p2P offering, like a challenge, tip, Blueprint, Pixie Dust, or something from a video or blog post.

      It’s pretty easy to know if something is Panstoria content, since those kits are proprietary to Artisan (or StoryBook Creator) software. If it’s not in a Personal Art Kit, you know it’s okay to use it. And, like I said, you can use other (non-Panstoria) content, too, as long as you’ve used something p2P-related.

      We absolutely are not kidding about labeling what you’ve used. Most designers include that request in their Terms of Use, and it is common practice on scrapbooking sites. I agree that it adds extra steps when making pages, but getting in this habit can be invaluable, especially if you get interrupted and need to come back to a page, if you were to forget to save something, or if you lose your work through a computer crash or EHD crash. The latter recently happened to me, and I’m so thankful that I have (low resolution) .jpgs of the pages I posted on Facebook, along with the content, fonts, and Blueprints I used so that I can easily recreate the pages.

      One of the things people like about looking at the pages posted on our Facebook page, in addition to seeing everyone’s creativity in action, is seeing kits used and being able to make a wish list of things they might want. Ditto for fonts – people like seeing things used and how people use them before they purchase or download them.

      We respect your decision not to post to our Facebook wall if you find our policies too burdensome, and we will miss seeing your pages. I hope this clarification will help, and that you’ll continue contributing.

      • Karen Jones says:

        I really thank you for clarifying the post for me. It was very helpful, and I am happy your are actually making it easier. Sorry that I misunderstood. I understand that designers are requiring credit. You have no control over that issue. I still find that burdensome. I have no idea who the designer was in 1/4 of my content. So unless it is an easy citation, I doubt that I will post. Thank you for such a complete response. Happy 5th anniversary, and I still look forward to being a “silent” member.

  3. gayneal says:

    I don’t always read each blog, but I never skip this one! Seeing everything I get from my membership organized in these lists still amazes me – after 5 years! Congratulations on a job well done.
    Looks like I’ll miss my first virtual crop 🙁 Finally, heading to Texas for a long weekend to see visit my grandsons and their parents in their new home. I’ll be following along on my phone though!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks, Gayneal! We appreciate your kind words and your years of support! Every month when I write Rabbit, Rabbit, I wonder if anyone actually uses it!

      Have fun in the Great State! If you’re down my way, give a holler. We will miss your pages during the crop!

  4. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday to our fantastic P2P team! You have become an invaluable asset to so many digi-croppers! I look at P2P every morning for inspiration as I start my day and I am so very happy to have met Jan, Mary and Juzzie!

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