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We’ve been empty nesters for over ten years now, so you would think we’d be used to it, but I still feel a little pang every now and then.  The holidays that aren’t ‘ours’ are the main times I notice that things aren’t quite the same as they used to be.  Our daughter, Kim, was home last weekend going to NCAA basketball games with us.  She was shocked to see that Mr Bear was still outfitted in his Mardi Gras garb, and there was not a sign in the house that would lead one to believe that it was almost Easter.  Back in the day, the egg tree(s) would have been out and Mr Bear would be wearing bunny ears and holding a basket full of brightly colored eggs.  Instead of being buried under piles of paperwork (will those taxes EVER get done???), the dining room table would have been bedecked with flowers and festive cloths and napkins.  Instead of my refrigerator being almost EMPTY (seriously – and that never happens!) it would have been stuffed to the gills with food and I would have been cooking for days.

This year, Kim and Blake are in North Carolina, spending Easter with David and Markee and Elliot, and I am home pouting.  Actually, I’m thrilled that the kids are together and that they want to be and make the effort to be, but boy, do I wish I were there, too!  I wish I would be watching Duke play ball (and hopefully win!) today and Monday with the kids, and I would love to have been there to babysit for Elliot today while her daycare was closed.  Instead, Kim and Blake got to get a little taste of ‘parenthood’ without the ongoing responsibility.  And even though she woke me up this morning (how soon they forget that time change…) it was so fun to have Kim and Elliot facetiming me first thing!

The next best thing to being there was getting texted photos through the day, so of course I had to make a quick page of them.  Even though I have videos, Blueprints, and taxes that are overdue and getting later with each minute that passes, it was great to watch my chicks from a distance.  And of course, I have Mr C to keep me plenty busy here – and I’ll be leaving him for a few days next week (for the first time) as Pixie Kim and I travel to Orlando for the APPO conference.  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by booth 6 at the Caribe Royale and tell us hello!

Sure hoping that you and yours are together and enjoying Easter, Passover, or a spring weekend as a family.  Make great memories, take a few photos, and show us your family fun!

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Blueprint: #p2PSunburntCountryBP

Content Used: Color Coded Complete Collection by Peppermint Creative

Fonts: Elephants in Cherry Trees; KG Like a Skyscraper

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10 Responses to Blog: The Nest Is even Emptier on Holidays

  1. Terry Vachowski says:

    I feel your pain, Jan, so glad you got to facetime and got photos to scrap. We were fortunate to be invited to my daughter’s house for Easter this year, but often she and her husband and the girls are with his family instead. Our oldest unmarried daughter will take pity on us and come pretending to look for a special meal those holidays when we would otherwise be alone. Or she’ll go out to eat with us. Either way, I STILL miss when we had all four of them home and the craziness of it all.

  2. Sandy says:

    You put into words what I was feeling over the weekend. I was in a minor funk. Neither of the girls came home for Easter this year so I didn’t put any decorations up. The Easter bunny did find us but it just wasn’t the same. I know this is something I will need to get used to, especially with Melissa getting married this August. But if I want to look at the bright side, I don’t have a bunch of decorations to put away now. I think I will spend today thinking about ways to decorate some pages instead.

  3. shirley shingara says:

    Jan, your blogs are so honest and heartfelt. The page is a sweet way to keep a memory and acknowledge “wish I were there”. Blessed Easter to you!

  4. Lindie says:

    The empty nest thing is difficult. Our daughter and son-in-law thought that they would start their own traditions over Christmas, however early in the day they decided that it wasn’t Christmas without family. So we got the whole family for the day (daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters). So we avoided the holiday blues, this year. We like you have not decorated for Easter this year. Kind of sad. Hope you have a great day and enjoy your “Quiet Time”.

    • Jan says:

      We did an ‘adult’ Christmas in 2013 (our first with no kids) and went to Memphis and shared the days with my sister & Rex’s brother & his wife & friends. We had a blast! Can’t imagine Christmas here with no kids though….

  5. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Hope you and your hubby and Crockett have a blessed Easter! I also feel your pain of “no kids” this weekend, but we will get our little Harper next weekend for her first birthday party!!!

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