On this page are links to downloadable pdfs giving you a guided tour of Historian. These pdfs are provided free to all, and contain multiple embedded links to more detailed videos and tips available to anyone with a Focus on Historian or pixels2Pages membership. Print the pdfs as a handy reference guide, but save them on your computer too, so that you can use the links to help you learn more.

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29 Responses to Historian Overview

  1. Pam says:

    I have used Memory Manager and now Historian for so long that my vault got too big and unwieldy. (I have collected and restored many of our family’s oldest photos.) I decided in 2019 to open a second vault for photos from 2019 onward to make loading and working with the program more efficient.
    My current challenge is that I finally downloaded all my iphone photos and brought them into my 2019 vault without dividing them into pre-2019 and post-2019. I would like to move some of the photos in the 2019 Onward vault into my old vault but can’t find directions how to do this in pixels2pages. Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • Jan says:

      We recommend keeping all photos in one vault, organizing by categories, tags, and using the Timeline. The size of your vault is limited only by the amount of space you have available on your computer. Having more than one vault won’t solve that, unless the vaults are on EHDs.

      That said, if you still want to use multiple vaults, find the photos you want to move to the original vault and select them. I would use one of the star ratings (maybe a 2 or 3 – something you don’t normally use) to designate them, or tag them with ‘to be moved’ or something. First you’ll want to share them to a folder on your computer. Open your other vault and import the images from the folder you just shared them to. Once you are sure they are where you want them, go back to the second vault and delete those images.

  2. Sandy Wirth says:

    I was going through all the training here (finally) and when I clicked on the “My Media Library Overview” it only comes up a teeny tiny image that I can’t read. All the others opened up nice and big and readable. Help! And thank you!

  3. mywritn@yahoo.com says:

    Just getting back to all of my photos. I used Memory Manager for years and have over 10 thousand photos and now learning this.. Is there a quick way to find ALL duplicate photos with out having to go through ever area in in my vaults? Just wondering

    Thanks in advance,
    Nancy S

    • Tameka says:

      Historian finds duplicates during upload and alerts you to the fact that you are uploading the duplicate. It gives you the option to skip duplicate. If you decide to import the duplicate, there is not really a simple way to do it after you have uploaded a duplicate.

  4. CorinnePitt says:

    Do you have information on using the “My Albums” feature in historian? I’m wanting to start a heritage album and think sorting them to an album page, like I used to do traditionally, may be a good visual. Also, I’m unsure what size album I want to make, so sorting pictures to a page in Historian would enable me to see the pictures in place, (how many I want to use for each family member). Thank you.

  5. fbailey says:

    Hi-After reading the overview I decided to do a health check. After doing so this message appeared: 284 extra files were detected in the vault directories that are not referenced in the manifest. The resolutions to this message were to either: move extra files to the vault recovery directory or attempt to add extra files to the vault manifest.

    Since I am not sure what these 284 extra files are I am not sure what I should do.

    Thanks Faith

    • Shelley says:

      Choose “attempt to add extra files to the vault manifest.” I’m not sure why this happens sometimes, but it just means that the image metadata has not been included in the manifest, or data file of Historian. The images are fine, and trying again seems to work.

  6. Amy Storch says:

    Thank you so much for these…what wonderful resources for all to enjoy!

  7. Lisa Purrington says:

    I started with Memory Manager but now it says I only have 22 pictures in the file. However I have been using Historian for quite a while, but when I pull up the media library, how do I know which vault these pictures are in. I don’t think I set this up right when I started and I want to start over and make sure all my photos are saved and copied. I don’t know where I have saved anything. I think I have photos all over the place and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Michelle James says:

    Can I please confirm that Historian makes a copy of your photos when you import them into the program thus making the original copy in Windows unnecessary?

  9. Jan H says:

    Wow – Thank You. I have been using Artisan, but have not been using Memory Manager. Doing my first D2D album this year, I am feeling overwhelmed with the volume of pictures and have decided I need to learn Historian. This will be very helpful.

  10. Maria Wilder says:

    Not sure how in the world I missed this when you first posted Shelley. Sure glad I found it tonight!
    Thank You, Thank You! I will be having fun becoming smarter and adept at using this wonderful program.

  11. Laureen says:

    This is going to be a great refresher for me and to learn new again or relearn wbphat I forgot. Thanks you for this. Keep these kind of things coming too. Have a happy day.

  12. Terry Vachowski says:

    Thank you, Shelley. I’m working myself up to getting Historian. I haven’t used Memory Manager for at least 3 years and never understood it that well. This will definitely help.

  13. Patricia Lewis says:


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