This video covers the basics of Creating a Media Vault in Historian.

Creating a New Media Vault [2:25 mins]


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7 Responses to Historian Video: Creating A New Media Vault

  1. Linda Blom says:

    In one of my vaults in MM4 in the home view, many of the photos do not show up. If I double click on them they will show up in the editing screen. I am moving the vaults to Historian and am wondering if the problem is just in MM4 or if will show up the same in Historian. Should I move the photos all to a new vault? Thanks!

    • Shelley says:

      If the photos don’t show up, what are you double-clicking on? A new vault is unlikely to help, and more likely to create new issues, but upgrading to Historian is a very good idea because MM4 is no longer a supported software.

      • Linda Blom says:

        I just double click on the space where the photo should show up which is blank, but it opens up to the photo in the editing view. Do you think it will do that the same way when I open up that vault in my newly downloaded Historian….I wasn’t sure if I should try to open it or if that would matter.

  2. lbisset says:

    I am so not using Historian to its full advantage. Thank you so much for doing these videos that make everything so much clearer for me!

  3. reesesable reesesable says:

    My system is done by year order. I use a sort box for the year and 12 folders for each month of that year. I have 2 vaults one has 2006-2009 and the other has 2010 forward. My plan was to add one about every 5 years. Just wondering what kind of sorting the Pixies use and how often do they add vaults. I know it is like tagging everyone has their unique style and system that works or makes sense to them.

    • Shelley says:

      While it is true that photo organization is a personal choice, and we all work in our own way, one of my favourite features of Historian is the Timeline, which renders sorting photos by month completely redundant, because Historian does that for you!! This video will give you an overview, and you’ll find more info HERE.

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