This video goes over the basics of adding media into your Historian Media Vault and sorting it using categories and tags.

Import and Sort [4:58 mins]


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14 Responses to Historian Video: Import and Sort

  1. Patricia Lewis says:

    Alison’s tip ‘moving MM to a new computer’ no longer available. Is there another tip relating to this.

  2. Caran Riggs says:

    If I want to keep the file name/number in the title box so I can easily differentiate between similar photos can I / how can I add a generic name, like your Mackinac Island, to a group of photos?

    • Caran Riggs says:

      I have been using the Panstoria products since they first came out and am now using the Forever Historian. What I really want from this experience/membership is help organizing an existing vault of 23,000 photos…the theory of it. For example creating enough categories to deal with my material but not so many as that takes alot of time to scroll though to categorize and tag each photo. Do I tag all my relatives/friends etc? How do I delete an existing category when it is no longer needed without loosing the photos? Where do I find such video or written help? Much of the list does not look to be current product considering the listed date

      • Tameka says:

        Deleting a category or tag does not delete the photos from your vault. I (no one)cannot tell you whether or not to tag all of your relatives and friends. That is a very personal decision and depends on how you would search for your photos. Here is a bunch of information on organizing your content. Good Luck.

        • Caran Riggs says:

          Of course you cannot tell me whether or not to tag all but I would value some experience and perspectives with several variables involved…what works for various reasons and why you/someone else likes it…how to view and consider options.

          • Tameka says:

            Personally I would only tag my immediate family. Tagging is time consuming so I do the minimum required for me to be able to find things. So I would tag my husband, kids, Parents and a few closest friends who are like family. But certain cousins etc, I wouldn’t bother tagging. That can prove to be a decision I may regret in the distant future, but for now that works for me.

    • Tameka says:

      Select all of the photos that you want to rename and in the Item Properties panel to the right, type the name you want to use. The name will apply to all of the images. You can also name your images on import.

      • Caran Riggs says:

        Will the process you mentioned preserve the individual file name/number in the title box as well as adding the generic name for the chosen group so I can
        a) easily differentiate between similar photos
        b)title a group in 1 step rather than typing in each title box, like naming at import after the file name/number
        Thank you for helping to clarify this.

        • Tameka says:

          No. The file name will change in the title box, though the original name may be saved somewhere in the meta data. You can select 100 photos at one time and change the name. Select the first photo. Hold down the shift key and select the last photo. When you rename, it will rename all of those photos. I usually rename in batches like that. Name 5 photos Birthday Cake, Name 10 photos Birthday Toast…. because I renamed groups of photos, I only had to rename twice instead of 15 times. Hope that is clear.

  3. Phyllis says:

    I’m trying to help a customer import pictures from her iPhone… any help with that?

  4. Veronica Schnitker says:

    I have been using the Creative Memories version of the Artisan and Historian for 3 years. The two are alike.
    I just purchased a new laptop so I need to buy the Artisan and Historian software.
    My question is this: How do I merge my shadow copy that is on an external HD into the new Historian and Artisan?
    That seems to be a total mystery and I am hesitant to make the purchase if I can’t have somebody help me merge my photos to the new software. Can you help me?


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