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Selfies…we all take them now, some better at it than others.  Me?  I’m not so good.  My daughter, Laura, on the other hand is an expert!  I remember years ago getting frustrated with my kids because they were “messing” up my shot.  My idea of what our photo should look like.  I’m a wee bit ore laid back now.  My kids are grown and I have grand kids now.  Last year we went on a trip and I gathered all the photos to work on some pages. I got everyone’s phones and uploaded those photos to Historian too! Historian is a great tool for organizing and I can organize photos by each persons camera or even by their phone. I love to organize and its a perfect software for me since its easy to use and helps me find photos quickly when working on ages.  It allows me to work chronological or by how I’ve sorted.

As I was working on my pages I decided that the selfies were some of my favorite photos.  They caught us cutting up and interacting like we do in real life. Those pictures had me smiling while working on my pages and remembering the fun we had and isn’t that what its’ all about?

I’ve learned a tip or two from my daughter.  1.  Do not look at the camera in the phone.  Look at the center of the phone, it will look more natural!  2. The person with the longest arms gets to take the picture, and 3. (the most important one) Cut up and have fun!  Photos bring back memories and memories should be savored!  So get out and take some selfies and make a layout of them to post on our page!  Laugh it up, enjoy yourself, have fun!



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