Traveling with Jan, aka “Happy” is an adventure.  Recently, pixels2Pages had a presence at the APPO (Association of Professional Photo Organizers) conference.  Jan and I were going representing our team.  The conference was to take place in Orlando, Florida.  Originally, I was going to fly directly to Orlando.  But, one day I get a call from Jan and she asked if I wanted to fly to her home (Tiki Island, Texas) and we would take a road trip to Orlando.  I only hesitated to check with my family that I could be gone a bit longer than originally planned.  I called back and said yes!  What a great opportunity to take a road trip with Jan and see country I haven’t seen before, and maybe taste some food I haven’t had either.  I arrived at Jan’s on April 6.  I got to meet her adorable, not so little, puppy Crockett.  Our journey began bright and early the next day.  Our travels would take two full, 10-hour+ days.

Our first stop was at Rao’s Bakery for delicious, melt in your mouth donuts. We stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana for a yummy lunch.  I am not a fish/seafood eater.  However, Jan got me to try a bite of her catfish.  I should have taken a picture to prove it to my family.  It was good, but I wouldn’t say I am a fish eater yet.  I also had my first pecan praline!  The taste of the sweet butter, brown sugar, and pralines are divine.  There were still beads hanging on the power lines from Mardi Gras.  We took a short tour of the Lafayette visitor center.  Then it was time to get on the road and continue our journey.  We stopped in Abita Springs, Louisianna to meet Linda DeLaughter, a p2P member.  She and her husband met us for coffee and we had a great time talking photos, food, and scrapbooking.  Our next stop was at the Oyster House for dinner.  I apologized to the waitress before ordering chicken fingers.  One of these days I will order fish, just not now.  Then we finally reached our hotel for the night.  Rolling in at 11:00pm with one “blinking bar” left on the gas tank.  Before going to bed I had another first – a Moon Pie.  The south knows how to do desserts!

The next morning, we traveled to Seaside, Florida.  The town should be renamed Paradise!  I had never seen beaches like this in California.  The sand was a fine, white powder.  The beach stretched beyond what I could see.  The water was clear and warm.  There were even dolphins playing in the water for our enjoyment.  The beach was lined with deep blue sun chairs.  Honestly, I didn’t want to travel any further.  I figured I could represent p2P virtually beach side.  After enjoying the beach we went to breakfast.  Jan had a great laugh when she asked me what I was going to have and I said, “I am going to have the Bacon Pelican Waffles”.  I misread the dish, it was really Bacon Pecan Waffles – which were to die for!  Then, sadly, we had to leave and get to Orlando.  We arrived in Orlando around 6:00pm.  After picking up supplies and going to dinner, we settled into our hotel.

The next two days, we worked our pixels2Pages booth at the APPO conference.  On Friday afternoon, we got to meet another p2P member, Nita Albritton.  Nita took us to Eloa Park in Orlando.  It was a beautiful day to get to know Nita and walk around the lake.  We even enjoyed a late afternoon ice cold drink together.  On Saturday morning, Jan had an opportunity to speak briefly at a breakout session.  Then, it was time to start our long two day journey home.  We stayed in Destin, Florida on Saturday, and then finished our journey to Tiki Island on Sunday night at 8:00pm.  Monday, I flew home to Gilroy, Ca.

The eight days were jam-packed with roadtrip conversation, food, fun, and business building.  I am so glad Jan asked me to roadtrip with her instead of flying directly to the conference.

I love traveling “Happy” style!



Blueprint:  by Mary Browder

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12 Responses to Blog: Traveling Happy Style

  1. Caroline says:

    Kim, Having grown up in New Orleans and going to school in Lafayette, I’ve already done a lot of what ya’ll did. Why do I somehow think that doing it again, but with Jan would be a whole new world of fun? Glad you had the opportunity!

  2. I would love to take a road trip with Jan and Kim! I can taste the fried peach pies already!!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Road tripping with Happy is going to make it to lots of people’s bucket lists 🙂

  4. Nita says:

    I just loved reading all about your fun road trip, and re-living the time I got to spend with you, Kim, and Jan!! Thanks again for the fun-filled afternoon!!!! 🙂

  5. Deanna Emmert says:

    This makes me look forward to my “road trip” this summer. Great blog!

  6. Karen says:

    Sounds like a fun time. I am with Jan on the road trips as flying is not my favourite mode of travel but I hear you with the fish! It’s always fun to meet up with p2P members.

  7. adakallen says:

    Traveling the south with Jan…
    Kim I am glad you got to see our part of the USA and I am sure Jan was the “cherry on top”!

  8. Sandy Norman says:

    What a great way to highlight 8 days on one page. There have been so many great BP’s offered over the last five years, including this one. I may have to spend some time looking through them for my next pages.

  9. Jan says:

    So loved road-tripping with you, Kim! I believe you captured all of the highlights! Can’t wait until the next trip! xx

  10. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I am thrilled that I was included in this spectacular page!!! It was a true honor to meet you and to spend time with you, especially to see how your creativity inspirations are incorporated into P2P and shared with us!

    As we talked about, I have ordered my new computer and it will arrive here on Monday. Guess I will be spending a lot of time moving my programs and content after that! Can’t wait to see you again, Kim!

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