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Things continue to be busy living on the ship and by the end of some weeks, I am just plain exhausted! We have had a series of busy and stressful weeks and unfortunately, when I am busy and tired I don’t look after myself. I eat whatever is before me, I snack on rubbish and drink much more coffee than normal and it all accumulates and before I know it, I am in pain and also very grumpy (probably because it is all my own fault and completely self-inflicted!)

So today I took some time out, rested, planned out some meal ideas, ate well and went into the crew galley to make some almond butter.

Now I know making any sort of nut butter is a process and can take both time and patience. So off I headed with my two cups of almonds ready to spend about 20 minutes on the task.

We have a crew galley that has all sorts of electrical appliances for crew to use and freezers and fridges for us to store food items.  I knew that we were without a food processor to use and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go in the blender … yes, I said blender! Forty-five minutes later, I had about a cup and a half of mushy almond balls and was contemplating adding coconut oil to add to make it blend or I was about to toss the lot and give up.

A friend came in, we had a little chat. I showed her my almond “butter” and she said, “It looks healthy.” As she walked away, I mindlessly turned that blender on one last time and watched as it started to transform. Moments ago, I was about to toss it all out and walk away. Almond butter was appearing before my eyes and it was looking good. A couple more minutes of blending and I had a yummy finished product.

It made me think, “How many other times have I been at the point of almost cracking it, or solving something only to walk away in those final, almost there, moments?”

Then I started to question, how long is too long to persevere and thought I had better leave it there and get out while I could!!!

I did take some photos before I left but I have a non-responsive EHD with my photo library on it (just one of the little stressors in my life) so the photos are still on my camera … I will add them to this post as soon as I have them!

Wish me luck …

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6 Responses to Blog: Perseverance

  1. Jan says:

    Oh, Juzzi – if only we had that crystal ball instead of our 20/20 retrospectroscopes! Hoping you are feeling better soon. Hang in there! xx

  2. Jo says:

    Justine, I know what you mean. Take care of yourself and will love to see the photos when you can.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Such truth! I’m usually gully of staying too long rather than giving up too soon and you KNOW how hard it is for me to give up! Good for you for hanging there. Your blog reminds me of the importance of rest too. Maybe the nuts did so well because they were allowed to rest a bit. Everyone’s happier and more productive with proper rest. 🙂

  4. Deanna Emmert says:

    Praying it will all work out and not be so stressful in the meantime.

  5. Ruth Bell says:

    Even though it is exciting doing what you are doing, it can really be stressful as well. You have the combination of living in a third-world country with all of its problems and living in a boarding school surrounded by hundreds of people all the time and no time to be alone. When you look back, you will remember the adventure and all of the people you have met. The stressful times should not have the lasting memories that the good times will.

  6. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Justine, Peace & joy. Our youngest son, Thomas’ pediatric cardiologist was a doctor on one of the Mercy trips… he relayed that often times things get out of focus, OUR focus that is… but that God has His own plans… each time I watch my handsome son do ANYTHING I realize that it is so true… perseverance is NOT a thing for US to determine but rather a skill that requires listening to that still small voice… prompting us to wait… just a little longer. Know you and yours are in my prayers. *U* Kathleen

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