JG_BlogHeaderIn case you haven’t heard, we are celebrating our 5th Birthday this month. Such an exciting milestone for us – who would have thought that all those years ago one little spark of an idea would lead to this! To celebrate we are having a Celebration Crop, and we have timed it to coincide with National Scrapbook Day. Lots of planning has been going on behind the scenes here at p2P. The Crop meetings have been very exciting with loads of ideas flowing on how we can make this the biggest and best crop ever – after all 5 is a big deal! You’ll notice over the course of our Crop Weekend, 1st to 3rd May, that 5 is a bit of a theme running throughout. Everything for this Crop is brand new – we have new Challenges, new Pixie Power Minute Videos, new Mini Designer Kits that have been provided by some of the Designers at the Panstoria Store, and a whole entire BRAND NEW Blueprint Book for our Members. You can read about what’s involved in our Crop News here.

So …. with all the planning for the actual Crop – my brain starts churning away as to what photos and pages I’d like to make using the Crop goodies and to share on our Facebook Page. It helps to have “inside information”, a big bonus for being part of the pixels2Pages team!  I do like to focus on a specific project though to try and get pages done and dusted and hopefully a photo book to print at the end of a crop. I also use a Crop to fill in gaps that I may have in unfinished albums. I wrote about how I keep track of unfinished Projects in a Blog Post called “Cropping Time” back in October 2012, which you can follow the link to read about if you’d like.

This Crop, I’m focusing on a couple of projects – the first one being our recent camping trip to Echuca with my brother’s family, my Uncle, Mum & Dad and some friends. I took quite a lot of photos with my “big camera” as well as from my phone. There was also a friend taking photos with his camera, and his daughter sat in the back of the boat snapping away as well. So, we shared photos at the end of the trip and I have quite a collection to go through. Now that I’ve imported all of the photos into Historian I needed to get myself sorted to plan out pages that I would make in Artisan. The best way for me to do this is using the Album Planner function in Historian. I just love how I can load up a group of photos into the Album Planner, and then move them all around so that “like” photos are with “like” photos – not just in consecutive order. For instance, there are quite a lot of photos of Daniel waterskiing and wakeboarding – but they are spread out over differerent days, and with differrent cameras. In Album Planner I can drag them all together so they are in a group and easy to pick out which ones I’m going to use. It makes it so much easier to work out a double page spread with all the same photos together. The same goes for photos of life around the campsite. I took quite a few photos over the course of four days, but I didn’t want to scrap them in date/time consecutive order, I wanted to group them together so I could plan out a couple of pages easily. Album Planner makes it so easy and fast to get pages done quickly! Then, there is also the added benefit of being able to remove the photos from that Album without removing them from the Media Library. I love how I can do that! Once I’ve completed a page, I can remove the photos from the Album, and it’s like a little “reward” as I see the number of photos left to crop reduce in size – progress is happening!!!

Here’s a visual of the Album after I have loaded all the photos I want to use for our camping holiday.



Now, this is the “after” visual – you can see how I’ve organised “like” photos together, and put a journaling card in to mark each grouping. You can watch Kim’s “Album Planner” Video Tidbit to see exactly how helpful and useful the Album Planner is when working on your projects. Click HERE to watch the Video.


And now – a little sneaky peak at a page I’ve already prepared for the Crop! Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone, but it’s a dps from the new Celebration Blue Print Book that will be free for our members for the duration of the Crop! I am so looking forward to this big event and can’t wait to see your pages and layouts using the Crop Goodies. Hope you can join in the fun!


Content used: p2P Celebration Blueprint Book. Cottage Arts – Road Trip Page Pak, Faded Memories Element ScrapFrame Pak (alpha set). Font: Aaargh


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4 Responses to Blog: Crop Ready

  1. Cheryl says:

    I loved Kim’s video on the album planner and have used it a lot for events where I have a lot of photos and need to sort them. When I export them to Artisan I use the numbered option so they are in the correct order to add to pages. This tip has saved a ton of time. Thank you pixies!

  2. Karen Jones says:

    I am going to get to work on a long standing project – my Mary Poppins book. I don’t believe I will finish it, it is quite a large book. But if I can get to the 1/2 point during the crop I would be very happy. Your video tidbit on grids this week will be a major help. I have not used the Album planner yet, but I think I will look into it today to help me organize pictures in a meaningful way for my book.

    • Janice says:

      You’ll love using Album Planner Karen – it is wonderful to be able to move all the photos around into groupings, and to add journal cards that act just like index cards. It’s like you have them all layed out on a table and can organise them just like a traditional album project. It gives you a great perspective!

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