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I was recently out with some friends and we were sharing our “Best Story Ever”.

Mine is a roller coaster ride of emotion from sheer panic to sheer relief, and a million different butterflies tumbling in my tummy in between!! Here’s how the ditty goes …….

Darren and I were only just engaged and teaching at a small country town about 35 minutes to the nearest bigger town. You know, the bigger town with McDonalds!!

When we moved to our house I had bought with me my cat. He was a black Birman called “Mambo”. Human he was! Just a small, black, furry human.

On this particular day I had to take Mambo to the vet in the fore mentioned small town to be de-sexed. Horrid thought for any such small, black, furry human, I know!! But, it had to be done. Darren and I whispered to each other every time the ‘D-S’ word was mentioned. Just so he wouldn’t hear about it!

So, I think I have forgotten to mention that where we lived was in a state rain-forest. Completely surrounded by native Australian bush. It was beautiful, and bushy. Very bushy!!!!!

Here’s how the story goes.

I leave school and go home to get Mambo.

Darren had driven to school that day, so I take his car home and give him my house key to get in later when he gets a lift home from school. My car is still at our house. BUT, my keys are in my bag – with me (very important point later in the story!!!!!)

I pack Mambo into his cat cage and put him in the front seat next to me so we could chat the whole way in! 35 minutes of ‘us’ time!

About 15 minutes from home, right in the middle of a very windy part of the road and very, very bushy area, Mambo needs to do a poo! Eeek! Good Lord, couldn’t he have gone before we left home????

So he does his business and boy it is a bit smelly, and I was afraid he would step in it while we went around the windy roads. (Sorry, that was a bit descriptive hey?)

What to do?

I decide that if I get him into the back of the car and open the cage and shut the car door, I can quickly tip the cat cage upside down, dispose of said poo and continue on our way to the vet.

I pulled over. We get to the back of the car. I open the hatch of the boot (trunk) and put the cage in. I opened the top of the cage. I had it all planned. One hand on the cage at all times, one hand holding the cat at all times.

Boy was I WRONG!

Before I even got the cage secured in my hand to turn upside down, Mambo jumps out of my hands and runs across the road, up the bushy embankment and into the State Rain Forest.

I was frozen. It was more dis-belief I think. Then the panic set in. OH MY GOD!!!!! What was I going to do??

I ran across the road and called and called and nothing. I climbed embankments and got cuts and scratches from trees and wild blackberry bushes.

Hot tears. Many hot tears. It was getting late. It was now nearing 5pm. There was only about an hour and a half of light left. We were far from home.

I looked at the wall of bush. I felt defeated. I had to think quick!

The last house we had passed happened to be the student’s piano teacher at our school. I knew her well enough, but not perhaps in the state I was in to make a social call!

I went back to the car, drove to her house and prayed she was home!!! (Mobile phones were not something we had way back then!!!)

She was home. Thank goodness.

It was then that I realised that if I called Darren to bring my car he couldn’t because I had my car keys with me!! So I called our neighbour to go get Darren and give him her car and explain what had happened.

It was a frantic call. Something like this … (image a little screaming and some hot tears still!!)

“Quick, go get Darren, give him your car. I have my keys and he has my car. Mambo got out of the car on the Burches corner and has escaped into the bush. I was taking him to the vet and now he is in THE BUSH ALL ALONE AND I NEED HIM TO COME AND GET HIM!!!!!!!” (yep, it got a little crazy at the end there!!!)

Poor piano teacher was in a bit of shock as the crazy antics were taking place in her hall way! I thanked her for the use of her phone and jumped back in the car to head back to the eventful spot of escape!

I tried a few more times to call for Mambo while I waited for Darren to arrive in the neighbours van. That clapped out old rust box was the most beautiful thing I had seen all day as it hurtled around the corner to where I was slumped over on the side of the road!

We ran to the place he had run up the side of the embankment. Darren disappeared into the bush. I could hear him calling his name. I was still calling his name (through my sobs!)

Then, that familiar “meow” I would recognise anywhere. Darren very calmly told me to not say anything and he called to him. He came to him. We both new he had one ‘grab’ and that was about it! He reached out and grabbed him in both hands and held on tight. I ran back to the car and got the cat cage. I came back over the road where they were sitting still as anything so Mambo wouldn’t get a fright and run off again. It was just nearing dark. Darren was cut from the bushes and I was still crying!! More with tears of joy and excitement and happiness!!!!

Mambo sat up front with me on the way home. We had some things to discuss him and I. Mostly how much I loved him and would have been completely distraught had he not come back. I am sure he whispered to me that he was sorry and that he just didn’t really want to go the vet that day!!!!

We had Mambo for many years after that before he got old and passed on to “The great kitty litter box in the sky”. He bought us many moments of joy and love, but none quite like that afternoon. He was a much loved member of our family and his legacy of my best story I can thank him for 🙂


So, do you have a “Best Story Ever?” Is it something you have shared or written about? Could you write a book of best stories ever? I am sure I could!

Think about sharing your stories either here, or on a page and posting to our Facebook page for others to read.

Here’s my gorgeous boy …

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7 Responses to Blog: Your Best Story

  1. Asmaan says:

    So was Mambo D-S another day? I don’t think he wanted to go to the vet to be D-S!

  2. Bobbie says:

    Such a great story Kerrianne! My husband just said to me, “You have a grin on your face. What are you reading?” What a cute story and we love our little furry friends, so I can relate!

  3. Beverly Goodrich says:

    Ah. What a sweet boy!

    We have a white female cat named Zoey, a.k.a. Green-eyed Lady, Princess of Darkness, a.k.a. The Great White Hunter, a.k.a. Killer. Just a few days ago she brought a dead bunny into the house when my daughter opened the door to let out the dog. We chased her around trying to get her to take it back outside. She kept laying it down and then picking it up again. Finally, I shooed her away with a broom from the bunny. I screwed up my courage, overcame my repulsiveness, and picked up the dead bunny with tongs and tossed him outside over the deck. My son buried him later. Fortunately, the bunny was not bleeding. But eeeewwwweeee! No pictures, although me chasing the cat around the downstairs trying to get her to go back out probably looked pretty funny.

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