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About Crops

Q. What is a p2P Crop?

About once a quarter, pixels2Pages holds a “virtual” weekend crop for all our fans. Crops are a special opportunity to get lots of pages done while having plenty of fun!

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Q. How long do crops run for?

A crop usually runs from Friday morning though Sunday evening (US Eastern time), with regular announcements on this website, our Facebook page and in our email newsletters in the weeks leading up to the crop so you know exactly when it is.

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Q. What does a crop involve?

Over the course of the weekend, the pixels2Pages team will post crop activities for you to participate in (for example – challenges to do, videos to watch, tips to read) and content to help you get pages done (such as special crop Blueprints, Pixie Dust, and/or Forever digital artwork).

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Q. How do I join in a crop?

By making pages using the crop goodies and completing activities! During the crop there is a flurry of activity on the Facebook page, as everyone posts the pages they are doing.

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Q. Does everyone crop by themselves?

Some of our fans like to gather with friends that weekend and all crop together, but most people are cropping at home.  It’s a virtual get-together!

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Q. What if I can’t crop for the whole weekend?

The crop posts and activities remain on the website for the duration of the crop, so if you aren’t available for the whole weekend, you can still see all the posts, download the crop goodies and join in the fun when you are able. (Please be aware, most crop goodies/coupons are available for a strictly limited time).

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Q. I won’t be around at all during the crop. Will I be able to look at crop activities and download crop goodies later?

Most crop goodies and coupons are available for a strictly limited time. Availability will be advertised before, during and immediately after each crop. Once crop posts are taken down, they will no longer be accessible by anyone.

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Q. How do I register for a crop?

There’s no need to register for our crops. If you are a full pixels2Pages member, you will automatically have full access to all crop activities and goodies. All you need to do to participate is watch for the crop posts on this website and/or our Facebook page and join in!

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Q. What if I’m not a full p2P member?

Non-members, Back2Basics members, and Focus on Historian members do not usually have access to all the crop goodies. However, we invite everyone to participate by sharing pages, earning badges, commenting on posted pages, and generally  joining in the fun. To derive the full benefit of the crop giveaways, click HERE to for information about pixels2Pages memberships. 

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Q. What are crop badges?

Crop participants can earn badges for completing certain tasks, or using certain content on their pages. A badge is just a digital image you can download as a visual reward for achieving your goals. 

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Q. How do I earn badges?

Badges can be earned for making a certain number of pages, using the crop-exclusive content, using a technique from a crop video or completing a challenge, or a number of other activities. We will advertise on our website and on Facebook how to earn badges with each crop. 

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Q. How do I get the badges?

The badges themselves are image files (jpegs) that you download from an album on our Facebook page when you have completed the activity. Each badge says what activity it is for. We will post links to the album regularly.

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Q. What is the purpose of earning badges?

Collecting badges is a fun way to reward yourself for achieving your goals, and motivating you to get one more page done … and another … In addition, when you have earned a specified number of badges, you qualify for a crop reward (often a coupon for discounted printing or similar).

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Q. What do I do with the badges?

In order to receive your reward, you will need to make a page displaying all the badges you have earned and post it on our Facebook page. We will post details of the reward (usually a discount at the Forever Print Shop) at the end of the crop. If you don’t use Facebook, the pages can be emailed to us at

Here are some examples of badge pages created in previous crops:




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Q. How do I download and install the Crop Freebies?

Our crop Blueprints come in a zipped file. They need to be saved in your Blueprints folder, which is a Windows folder on your computer. If you don’t yet have a Blueprints folder, just create a folder somewhere obvious (in My documents is fine). After you have downloaded the zipped file to your computer, navigate to the downloaded file and double click to open it. Inside you will see the Blueprint page files. Select all the Blueprints and copy, then open your Blueprints folder and paste into the folder. Once they are saved there, you can delete the zipped download from your downloads folder.

To use your Blueprints in a project, with a blank page of your project open, click Template > Using a page file from my computer. Navigate to your Blueprints folder and select the Blueprint you want to use. Set the view in that folder to Large or Very large icons so you can see which Blueprint is which. Select the Blueprint you want  and click Open.

Note – if you are in a 12×12 or 8×8 project, you will only be able to import 12×12 Blueprints. If you are in an 11×8.5 (landscape) or 7×5 project, you will only be able to import 11×8.5 Blueprints.

Some of our crop freebies are in “.pakit” format. This is the standard proprietary format of kits that are purchased in the Forever store, and they allow you to bring the kits into your Artisan 5 content manager. They function just like any kit you purchased from the Forever Store.

To download the kits, click on the thumbnail image as indicated. The kits will usually automatically be saved to your downloads folder, unless you have chosen an alternate location. Once the download has completed, open the Artisan Content Manager. Click on Import Content.

Choose Commercial Art Kit.


Navigate to your downloads folder (or wherever you saved the files to). If you can’t see the thumbnails, make sure your view is set to large or extra large icons, or look for files with the extension “.pakit”. Click once to select one of the kits, then click Open.

Choose which library folder to import the kit to. If you have not customised your library folders, choose Commercial Art Kits.

Click OK and the kit will install. You can now use it via the content panel (for papers and embellishments) and/or the Add Page or Template buttons on the Home ribbon (for Blueprints or page templates) in any of your projects. Repeat the steps to import any other Crop Freebie Kits.

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Q. Where do I get the badges?

All the crop badges are posted in an album on Facebook for a limited time. You do not need to be a Facebook user to access the badges. CLICK HERE to find the badges for the NSD 2016 Life is in the Details Crop.

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Q. How do I upload pages to Facebook?

We love it when you share pages you create using pixels2Pages blueprints, challenges, video tidbits or other inspiration on our Facebook page at . Here is how it is done.

  1. Create your page & save it.
  2. Go to File > Save As > Export Current Page
  3. Choose the location to save your page. (The desktop is handy, and you can delete the image once it is uploaded)
  4. Name your page
  5. Choose .jpg as the file type.
  6. Choose Full page or trimmed (that is up to you)
  7. Choose a low resolution.  96 dpi is perfect.
  8. Leave Image Quality as high.
  9. Next go to At the top of the screen, below the cover image, click on Photo/Video.
  10. Click inside the square  and navigate to the place where you saved the file.
  11. Remember to tell us which challenge, blueprint etc you were inspired by, and which digital content and fonts you used on the page.
  12. Thank you for sharing your page to inspire and encourage us!


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21 Responses to Crops – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Francine Holland says:

    How do I post a double spread (two pages)? I only know how to post one page but I have noticed that others post a dbl layout. Thank you!

  2. fbailey says:

    Hi-I do not have a facebook account. Would I be allowed to use my husband’s facebook account?

    • Shelley says:

      Hi Faith. You can use your husband’s account if you prefer. You can view pages on our Facebook page without an account, but if you want to comment or ask questions, you do need to be a member of Facebook. Is there a particular reason you don’t want your own account?

  3. debbieloop says:

    I am excited….I work until 1 (pacific time) but will start after I get home!!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work Pixies!!!

  4. Louise Kitts says:

    Thank you for the blueprints. Will they be available in 11 X 8.5 like the monthly blueprints are? That’s the size that I prefer working with (14 books so far and 1 on the go). I noticed in today’s new Forever releases that all the templates/blueprints are in 12 X 12.

  5. L Boothby says:

    I received a notice from pixels2pages facebook after I submitted my badges – as
    Pixels2Pages wrote: “Way2go. Check your inbox for your coupon code.” –

    I have not received the coupon and I’ve tried to reply and get no response. I’ve tried to e-mail and get an error message. How do I contact you?

    • Jan says:

      Our email address is You have to use the number 2, not the word to. The message with the code will be in your Facebook message inbox, not in your email. You may need to click on ‘message requests’ to see it. Please let us know if you don’t find it and we will resend. Sorry you’ve had trouble with it!

  6. Patricia McCaleb says:

    Good evening, I downloaded the celebration blueprint books during the may crop, I am now trying to load them into Artisan 5, but they are locked. Was there a activation code that I failed to make note of?

  7. Patricia Lewis says:

    Is Artisan and Historian compatible with Microsoft 10. Regards Patricia

  8. Ruth Bell says:

    During previous crops, there is often a page for printing at the Panstoria print shop. Does that printing have to be done during the crop?

  9. Susan Nelson says:

    How do I sign up for the crop this weekend. I just tonight signed up for the year memebership

    • Alison says:

      Hi Susan and welcome! You don’t need to sign up for the crop. All the crop activities will be posted on this website and on our Facebook page over the course of the crop. Just look for the first post on Friday morning and you’ll find everything you need to join in. We hope you have fun and get lots of pages done this weekend!

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