Never worry that the embellishment or paper you love is not quite the right color.  This video will hint at just a few of the color changing features available in FOREVER Artisan™ Software.

The following members only video tidbits go into more detail about some color options in Artisan:


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6 Responses to Archived Pixie Power Minute: Colorful Changes

  1. Patricia McCaleb says:

    When I try to watch the Pixie Power Minute videos they seem to be skipping, any suggestions?

  2. Andrea Gearing says:

    Awesome!!!! I didn’t know I could do this. I am a watch, learn then do person. These little Pixie Power Minutes are great!

  3. traceywithane5 says:

    When I clicked to watch the color wash vs adjust hue it brought up Color me happy. “Hue do you adjust it” also brought up Color me happy. Am I doing something wrong?

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