New in the Panstoria Store, we have just released a new Fancy Font.  It’s unlike any other you have used before. Check it out.

CLICK HERE to view the product catalog which includes instructions on use of this kit.   CLICK HERE to purchase the Grunge Stamped Alpha Overlays.


The following Members only videos will help you have even more fun with fancy fonts.



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4 Responses to Pixie Power Minute: Introducing Grunge Stamped Alpha Overlays

  1. Dana Browne says:

    I have now watched this video several times, and I still can’t figure out exactly what is happening. All I seem to be able to do with the fancy font is get the basic look with the letter and the full backdrop. With the embellishments, I can pull them over onto the page, but that’s where it ends. I have to align everything manually. I feel like I am missing some key point to making this work with all the magic it seems to entail.

  2. Joyce says:

    How exciting! Thank you so much!!!

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