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Not sure how it happened so fast but our “baby” is graduating form the University of Oklahoma next week.  In fact if you’re reading this blog on its first day, May 9, we’re enjoying graduation festivities! I’ve made many scrapbook pages of my children’s activities.  I’ve documented their lives from birth to present and look forward to each new set of pictures. I’m not sure however how the time has flown so fast. Our lives, like yours are busy.  My husband and I have 4 children and two grandchildren and seems like there’s always something fun to do. Only my oldest daughter with our grandbabies lives nearby.  The rest live in other places which gives us many travel opportunities.  Between Norman, OK , College Station, TX and Los Angeles, CA its been a year on the road.  (At least our LA daughter is a bit closer as she used to live in Australia)!  Each and every time we see them we gather a new crop of photos and hurriedly upload them onto the computer to view.  I certainly have lots of subject material for my pages. My baby however, since she’s been old enough to give input, has always liked a clean and classic style of scrapbooking. She’s not keen on embellishments (probably comes from her days as a yearbook editor) and prefers all the same font for her pages, which means when I do her page print for her scrapbook of the page below I’ll be changing just a bit. However, this page is going into my book so multiple fonts are good for me. I like the variety.  I also love using overlays on my pages (which I didn’t do traditionally) and most pages have more than one. I love layering and using items from multiple kits.  However this page has only overlays. Overlays create texture and depth on a page and if used right don’t overwhelm your photos. My team at pixels2Pages has been such an inspiration to me.  I love all their styles and grab bits and pieces of their styles and ideas to add pizzazz to my own pages so my style may just be evolving a bit. Isn’t that the best? The thing about scrapbooking I love is we all get to decide what we like.  We get to DO what we prefer and change our minds or our style any time we want!  We could call our new found style eclectic!  I bit of this and a bit of that!

So this weekend I can laugh and then change my mind and cry.  Happy tears for sure as I see my daughter becoming a grown up and on her own.  I can take lots of pictures or sit quietly and take it all in.  I can reminisce as I look back through the years of school activities and look forward to what the next chapter in her life brings.  Probably more travels, so who can complain about that!

So all of you who have had graduates or have them this year – Cheers!



Content Used:#p2PGulfShoresBP, Digital Overlays Baby Girl and Blush Blooms Digital Overlay Kits from Creative Memories in the Panstoria Store. Fonts: Oklahoma, Scriptina, Copperplate Gothic Light and Archer Light.

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3 Responses to Blog: Time’s Flown By

  1. Jan says:

    You are justifiably proud of ‘baby’ Becca – she is a lovely (and SMART) young woman! So fun to have dinner with y’all last night and I’m glad she will be in my neck of the woods this summer!

  2. Caroll says:

    I live in Edmond so I know you’ve run into a bit of weather on this exciting weekend. We are scrapbooking at Crossings Community Church in OKC today and staying “weather aware” as I know you are. Congratulations!

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