May 15, 2015 is “Ready, Set, Wear It!” Day, which promotes recreational boating safety by reminding boaters to wear their PFDs any time they are on the water. A PFD, or Personal Flotation Device, is the term for those bright orange floatie things we used to call “life jackets”. Whatever you call them, you and your family and friends are much more likely to survive a boating emergency if you are already wearing your PFDs when an emergency happens.

Our local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla is very active in our community, and one of our primary missions is to increase boating safety through education, outreach, and safety patrols. These photos were taken during our routine safety patrols on Kings Bay, Crystal River, and Crystal Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. On the day of the top photo, the waves had been pretty choppy out in the Gulf. I had just taken off my bright orange rain suit, but still was wearing my marine goggles that let me spot crab traps even with waves breaking over the bow in my face. You can tell by my smile that I was having an exciting time. And of course, I was wearing my PFD!



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2 Responses to Blog: Ready, Set, Wear It!

  1. Jan says:

    Great PSA, Penny! Boating safety is a big deal where we are, too. One of my next purchases will be a PFD for Crockett (mostly so we can get him out of the water!).

  2. LindaIOSMe says:


    In the summer on the coast of Maine, my young children called the PFD’s “boat coats”. And if you were under the age of 12, you didn’t go out in ANY boat, or even on the dock without one. After my children learned to swim (in a Y pool) we allowed them to jump off the dock – wearing “boat coats” – because the water was so cold, that your first reaction is to curl into a little ball, not to swim! Thanks for the great reminder!

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