I LOVE Pinterest!  I can spend hours browsing Pinterest.  I can start with a specific search, and end up on a whole different path.  I am attracted to simple recipes – especially if they are three ingredients or less.  I love looking at crafting pins like card making and all things Cricut. As a crafter, have you ever said “I can make that”?  I enjoy pinning gardening ideas, too.  Each year, I plant my “little patch of dirt” with tomatoes and flowers.  It really is just the right amount of space for me to manage.  A couple years ago, I planted some bulbs – tulips and daffodils.  I love watching them bloom, but it is just for a very short time.  I came across a pin that, if it works, I might have tulips year round.  You take a tall glass vase, fill the bottom portion with glass rocks, set the tulip bulb on top, and will with water to the roots.  According to Pinterest, I will have a beautiful indoor blooming tulip.  Just a week ago, I set my vase up.  Every day I look for a sign of green coming from the top.  I am anxiously waiting for this to work.  I’ll keep you updated.



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2 Responses to Blog: Pinterest Experiments

  1. Jan says:

    I love tulips, too – let me know how you go!

  2. Suzy Dust says:

    Can’t wait to see if that works Kim. If it does, I’m trying it – tulips are one of my favorites! Good luck.

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