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This time last year, I was preparing to play the role of mother of the bride at my only daughter’s wedding in the Hill Country of Texas.  This year, as Kim and Blake celebrate their first anniversary, I’m playing the role of Nurse Ratched while my husband recovers from his recent hip replacement.  Thankfully, his surgery went well, and he’s at home now, he’s ambulatory (with a walker) and he’s in much, much less pain than he was pre-surgery.  That doesn’t mean he can be left alone, though, as he is still a ‘fall risk’ and needs a fairly round-the-clock caregiver for a while.  This is not my first stint as a post-joint replacement nurse, as my mom had a knee replaced at Duke while we were living in North Carolina.  That said, being a caregiver is not my forte!  So this is a bit of a stretch for me, and I have a few weeks to go.  All prayers are appreciated!

One thing that makes my nursing stint both easier and harder is that I’ve sent Crockett to doggy obedience school for most of the month.  It’s easier, because I don’t have to worry about Crockett jumping up on Rex, knocking him down, or having Rex trip over him – and I can imagine that Crockett would be terrified of the walker – but it’s harder because I really miss that big little ball of fluff! We’ve had him for four months now, and he just turned six months old this week, and he’s already part of the family.  It’s so strange to see his basket of toys and his food and water bowls but not to see him.  I am planning to go visit him at ‘boarding school’ after a couple of weeks, and I’m trying really hard not to be a helicopter pet parent!

Right after Crockett comes home, it’s his turn to go under the knife as he will be getting ‘fixed’.  So it’s going to be a whole month of nursing my men!  I hope I can do right by them both.  One thing that keeps me going is knowing that my kids (and Miss E) will be here for the 4th of July, so even though it may be a different kind of month at home, I have a lot to look forward to (including a newly-obedient dog!).

I have a few projects planned for this month home with Rex and without Crockett.  In addition to getting my p2P work done, I am ready to do a bit of decluttering around the house.  We’ve lived here almost five years, and I know there are plenty of things we haven’t used or enjoyed in that time – that means it’s time for them to GO!!  Unfortunately, I’ve already had to start that task on my laptop, as my hard drive has somehow become full…  I spent a couple of days last week, moving photos from my laptop to my Forever account and then deleting them from my laptop.  I’ve moved memory vaults to EHDs and put more files on my desktop computer and removed them from my laptop.  I’ve deleted THOUSANDS of emails and gone through document files to delete duplicates.  It’s a tedious job, but it does have its rewards.  Like most tidying jobs, it would be easier to do if I had a system in place BEFOREHAND….  For my house project, I’ve been reading the bestseller, the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo.  It sounds like an easy process, but I know that in practice it will be harder than I think, yet it’s worth it!

Do you have a system for keeping your photos and document files on your computer?  Is your content organized and in order?  We have lots of tips to help you get there.  Click HERE for some of our best content manager tips.  Maybe I will be the poster child for getting it done – stay tuned for a progress report!  Wish me luck for this crazy, challenging month, and enjoy yours!

Here’s a page of my menfolk that I made using #p2PWithAgeComesBeautyBP and the Art Journal Encouragement kit by Cottage Arts.  Fonts are My Own Topher and KG This Is Not Goodbye.

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15 Responses to Some Months Are Crazier than Others

  1. Barbara says:

    Jan, I read life- changing of tyding up and it got me motivated and it worked, changing a few things here and there. Doing a total purge of what “sparks joy” was liberating. And my drawers have stayed organized for over three months! Now if I can only do this with my digital and get it organized. Glad to hear Rex is doing well and we always said the dog training was more for us.

  2. Heather says:

    Good morning Jan, I just finished reading that book about tidying and getting rid of stuff that no longer brings you joy. Costco has it. A great read. Happy decluttering!

  3. adakallen says:

    I understand everything in that blog! In the last 4 years I think we have had at least one of everything imaginable in our family…several surgeries, several weddings, several graduations, several babies, several de-cluterings (house & computer), and had to put one dog down! There are more things to be done hanging in the wings, especially a lot more de-cluttering!
    Hang in there girl, You are probably a better nurse than you give yourself credit for, and you are loved by so many…family, p2p friends, scrapbook friends!!!!
    Prayers for all!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks so much, Ada! All is going well here – Rex may even go back to work this week! I remember at least one surgery for you – we all get through it, don’t we? I appreciate your prayers and kind words!

  4. Mary says:

    Great and encouraging blog! Praying everything continues on a smooth course! Enjoy the 4th…sounds like a fun time will be had!

  5. Asmaan says:

    Wishing everyone all the best! 🙂

  6. debbie says:

    Male recovery patients, esp. docs, make the most challenging patients! I bet you miss Crockett!
    Make sure that you really listen and follow through with what they teach YOU about his training–ideally if Rex could go, that would be great, but suspect that is not possible. Consistency by everyone in the house is the key.
    Good luck with your decluttering–I’m doing that also–it’s hard and sometimes tedious, but very liberating.

  7. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Jan, you will always be my poster child for organization! Your digi-knowledge inspires me. I can never thank you all enough for all the wonderful tips offered through P2P! My content is getting organized (and tagged!).
    Rex should be a good patient and you will be a patient nurse, I am sure! Crockett is a blessing to both of you, and I know you can’t wait for him to be home! I laughed when I read about being a “helicopter pet parent”! Hopefully, he will surprise you with his new found skills and behavior!
    Good luck to all of you during this time!

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