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As a former national sales and training director for Family Manager, an organizing service, I find myself organizing everything. Having an organized work space saves me time.  I’m going to briefly share how I organize my office in hopes the comparison to my approach to digital content organizing will make it easy to Put2Practice. If you only own a handful of kits you probably don’t need to consider doing this…yet.  But, as your content grows in size you should consider organizing it so your time at your computer is used creating pages and not hunting for the perfect item that you know you have…somewhere!

If you’ll look at the panoramic of my office in the layout at the bottom of the page you’ll see my entire office.  That office represents the Library view in the Content Manager part of Artisan. My office has everything I use in it.  Content Manager has everything I own within Artisan software to create my layouts. Within that office I have different areas.  I have an area for my Cricut Explore and the paper I use to cut projects.  I have an area for card making, another area for digital scrapbooking, and yet another area for stamping supplies. My individual office areas correlate to having individual folders in my Content Manager library.  In Artisan’s Content Manager I have separate folders for each designer I use., Artisan Software, Digital Scrapbook Layout, Artisan Software, Digital scrapbook layout


So follow me…in my office (Library) I have card making, digital scrapbooking, stamping and Cricut Explore areas (Folders).  I also have sections within those areas.  For example: I have papers for my Cricut explore which are from different companies but have a similar theme.  Examples are Christmas papers, embossed papers etc… In Content Manager these are called Categories.  So all kits in Artisan with a Christmas theme, regardless of designer, would go into a category I created called Christmas – different designers but same theme.  Just like all items I have for my Cricut Explore for Christmas would go together – different companies, same theme – whether they are papers or embellishments.

Tags break things down even more and make the hunt for something specific even easier. In my office (Library) I have a Cricut Explore Area (Folder) with items that have the same theme, Christmas (Category), and in that category I have papers and embellishments identified, like ‘stripes’ or ‘brads’ (Tags).  So the kit Cheerful Tropical Digital Additions will be my example for you to follow along with. This kit is in my Library, in the Folder labeled Creative Memories, it is in two Categories – ‘summer’ and ‘beach’ – and I have the sun, palm tree and flip flips tagged. That way, if I’m working on my beach pictures, I can go to the Creative Memories folder and click on the entire kit and use that. Or I can click on my ‘beach’ category and use beach items from multiple “beachy” kits, or I can just search for my tag called ‘sun’ and drop a sun on the page.

When organizing you should organize the way you think! There is no right or wrong way, just the way that helps YOU find the things you work with frequently.  Everything in my office is not that specific. Just the items I use often.  The same goes with organizing your Content Manager. I do have all the folders (areas) designated for each designer. Not every kit, however, is in a category, but my favorites may be in more than one category.  Not everything in my content is tagged either, but my most frequently used items are!

In your home office, when you get something new it goes into its designated area.  The same can be done with Content Manager. Every two weeks when you purchase new designer content, add it to your library in the designated folder and any categories you want to place the items in, and then tag the items you would use most frequently.

If you have never organized your content, we have a videos and tips on how to organize.  Remember it doesn’t have to be done in one sitting on one day.  Just one step at a time.  Enjoy your organizing!  Mary

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8 Responses to Blog: How Do I Find It?

  1. Jan says:

    Maybe you and Shelley should plan to spend a few days at my house……….

  2. Jo says:

    Oh Mary, I just had to show this to my husband. He thinks that I have way too much stuff. Thank goodness for digital, as I am living in a caravan travelling around Australia. Would love your space and organisation LOL

    • Mary says:

      Hi Jo, I’m laughing at that because my husband says if anything else goes on the walls they’re going to cave in! My husband actually made the holder on the wall that holds my paints and ribbons! Living in a caravan travelling around Australia sounds awesome though!!

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Mary, your “office” is lovingly organized! I love the uniformity of the white cabinetry and shelving. I, too, have been spending countless hours of late with organization of my new craft room, with “areas” for my sewing machine, serger, traditional scrapbook supplies, digital scrapbook area, and even a table where a 3-story Victorian doll house is being built! My goal is to be completely up to date and “tagged” by the time the Forever Live seminar is held in September!

  4. adakallen says:

    I am inspired!

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